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Form GST ITC-03

Goods and Services Tax : Learn about Form GST ITC 03, its filing requirements, prerequisites, frequency, and consequences of non-filing. Understand when an...

May 23, 2024 1401 Views 0 comment Print

Is It Possible to Declare Credit Note in GST Returns After November 30th?

Goods and Services Tax : Discover if it's possible to declare GST credit notes in returns after November 30th. Get insights into the legal provisions and p...

April 30, 2024 34050 Views 0 comment Print

E-Invoicing under GST: Implementation, Requirements, Insights with FAQs

Goods and Services Tax : Understand the significance of e-invoicing, its implementation, prerequisites, and FAQs. Learn how to generate e-invoices, its ben...

April 19, 2024 3513 Views 0 comment Print

How to Respond to DRC-01C Notice for ITC Mismatch: GSTR-2B vs. GSTR-3B

Goods and Services Tax : Have you got an intimation in DRC-01C under Rule 88D for ITC mismatch between GSTR-2B and GSTR-3B? Understanding the reasons and h...

April 15, 2024 31983 Views 0 comment Print

New Tables 14 and 15 in GSTR-1 and practical cases

Goods and Services Tax : Explore the significance of newly introduced Tables 14 and 15 in GSTR-1, applicable to E-commerce operators and suppliers. Learn a...

February 20, 2024 24018 Views 1 comment Print

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Aadhaar Authentication / e-KYC for Existing Taxpayers on GST Portal

Goods and Services Tax : Functionality for Aadhaar Authentication and e-KYC where Aadhaar is not available, has been deployed on GST Common Portal w.e.f. 6...

January 10, 2021 37962 Views 3 comments Print

FAQs on GST updated till 15th December 2018

Goods and Services Tax : FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ON GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (GST)-3rd Edition: 15th December, 2018- (Note: Changes announced in G...

December 28, 2018 10245 Views 0 comment Print

FAQ’s and MCQ’s on GST

Goods and Services Tax : ICAI has come out with revised publication titled FAQ's and MCQ's on GST. It provides a comprehensive coverage of GST in easy to ...

September 12, 2018 18804 Views 1 comment Print

100 Practical issues and possible solutions on E – way bills under GST

Goods and Services Tax : ICAI has come up with an FAQ on E-way Bill under GST in which it discussed 100 Practical issues and possible solutions on E –...

January 31, 2018 24069 Views 6 comments Print

Error Message ‘CESS liability is yet to be set off’ while resetting GSTR-3B

Goods and Services Tax : Taxpayer is not able to reset and file GSTR-3B. Error report shows YOU HAVE ALREADY OFF SETTED GSTR-3B, but CESS liability is yet ...

December 8, 2017 1275 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Notifications

Everything you must know about new disclosures in GSTR-3B

Goods and Services Tax : Taxpayers are now required to report their ITC availment, reversal of ITC and ineligible ITC correctly as per new format of Table ...

September 14, 2022 25950 Views 2 comments Print

FAQs on GST applicability on ‘pre-packaged and labelled’ goods

Goods and Services Tax : What change has been made with respect to packaged and labelled commodity with effect from the 18th July, 2022 and What is the sco...

July 17, 2022 8469 Views 0 comment Print

Blocking of E-Way Bill generation facility to resume after 15.08.2021

Goods and Services Tax : The government has now decided to resume the blocking of EWB generation facility on the EWB portal, for all the taxpayers in terms...

August 5, 2021 18183 Views 0 comment Print

Unblocking of e-Way Bill facility in ACES-GST Application: FAQs

Goods and Services Tax : Field formations have reported that they are facing several issues while issuing EWB-06. A detailed FAQ has been prepared and encl...

March 12, 2020 1935 Views 0 comment Print

FAQs on EU-GSP Registered Exporter System

DGFT : Is there any difference in tariff or customs preferences if the wholly obtained (WO) criteria is used instead of the product speci...

February 11, 2020 3297 Views 0 comment Print

FAQs on Aadhaar Authentication while registering on GST Portal

October 31, 2020 21804 Views 1 comment Print

Aadhaar Authentication – Selection as Yes Q.1 I have opted ‘Yes’ for Aadhaar authentication while registering on the GST Portal. What will happen next? Ans: Once you have opted ‘Yes’ for Aadhaar authentication while registering on the GST Portal and registration application is submitted, an authentication link will be shared on mobile numbers and e-mail […]

E-Invoicing Updated List of Frequent Asked Questions

October 31, 2020 7506 Views 5 comments Print

1. The compulsory e-invoicing of business-to-business transactions of companies with more than Rs 500 crore sales kicks in from 01st October 2020. The businesses were reportedly not ready to be seen by the tax officials and thus they had been given a chance to fill tax and save from penalty within 30 days. 2. The […]

GSTR-9 Offline Utility – Updated FAQs and Manual

October 30, 2020 105192 Views 9 comments Print

In these article we will read the detailed analysis of FAQ’s related to the offline utility of GSTR-9. The following FAQ’s are About GSTR-9 Offline Utility, How to Download GSTR-9 Offline Utility, How to Download the Generated JSON File of GSTR-9, Worksheet Tabs in GSTR-9 Offline Utility, Entering and Validating Details in Offline, Upload the […]

FAQs and User Manual – GSTR-4 Offline Tool

October 30, 2020 3222 Views 0 comment Print

How can I download and open the GSTR4 Offline Tool in my system from the GST Portal? 1. Login to the GST Portal www.gst.gov.in .2. Go to Downloads > Offline tools > GSTR4 Offline Tool > Download 3. Unzip the downloaded Zip file which contain GSTR4 Offline Tool, User Manual, Read Me.txt, Release Note. 4. Open the GSTR4_Excel_Utility_v2.0 excel sheet by double clicking on it.

‘Matching Offline Tool’ for matching GSTR 2B with purchase register

October 30, 2020 24948 Views 0 comment Print

‘Matching Offline Tool’ for matching GSTR 2B with purchase register- FAQs & User Manual (A) About Matching Offline Tool Matching Offline Tool is an offline tool to view Form GSTR-2B and match the auto-drafted details in the said form with the purchase register. The Taxpayer needs to install Matching Tool from the GST Portal, and […]

Suo Moto GST Registration Cancellation

October 30, 2020 275589 Views 22 comments Print

FAQs on Suo Moto Cancellation of GST registration Q.1 Under which circumstances can a Tax Official initiate for cancellation of GST registration? Ans: Suo Moto Cancellation of registration may be initiated by the Tax Official for various situations as mentioned in the provisions of GST law like: – Any Taxpayer other than composition taxpayer has […]

How to amend Core & Non-Core Fields of GST Registration with FAQs

October 30, 2020 442851 Views 65 comments Print

Once the applicant is registered under GST, the need for amendments in registration may arise due to several factors such as a change in address, change in contact number, change in business details and so on. In order to amend any information post registration, the taxpayer needs to file an Application for Amendment of Registration.

How to Opt for GST Composition Levy with FAQs

October 30, 2020 18558 Views 3 comments Print

You can opt for the Composition Levy if you are a regular taxpayer with an aggregate annual domestic PAN-based turnover as specified time to time.

Registration as TDS Deductor under GST- FAQs & How to apply

October 30, 2020 29469 Views 1 comment Print

A. FAQs on Registration as Tax Deductor at Source Q.1 Who needs to register under GST as a Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)? Ans: All Department or establishment of Centre / State Government, Local Authority, Government Agencies & Persons or category of persons notified by Central / State Government, where the total value of such […]

GST Registration of UN Body/Embassy/Other Notified Persons & FAQs

October 30, 2020 43740 Views 0 comment Print

Article contains FAQs on Grant of UINs Under GST Regime, Manual on Applying for Registration as a UN Body, Manual on Applying for Registration as an Embassy and Manual on Applying for Registration as Other Notified Person. A. FAQs on Grant of UINs Under GST Regime Q.1 What does UIN stand for? Ans: UIN stands […]

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