CA. Vishal Jain
CA. Vishal Jain

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CA. Vishal Jain is in practice. His core area of practice is Indirect Taxes. He is also the author of the book “Handbook on GST”. He has been the co-opted member of EIRC of ICAI for the year 17-18, 18-19 and 19-20. He has been regular speaker at ICAI and in business forums as well as various colleges.
Member Since: 05 Jul 2017
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Qualification: CA in Practice
Location: Siliguri, West Bengal, IN
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Chartered Accountant B. Com (Management Honrs) Certified Forensic Auditor (ICAI) Certified Concurrent Auditor (ICAI) Certificate Course in GST (ICAI)

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1. GST Rate & HSN Code for Tobacco
11,550 Views | 3 comments | Published: 06 Jul 2017 | Posted Under: Goods and Services Tax |
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