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Draft Written Submission before CIT(A), Faceless related to PF & ESI late deposited after due date but before due date of ITR

September 23, 2021 21939 Views 3 comments Print

Draft Written Submission before CIT(A), Faceless related to PF & ESI late deposited after due date but before due date of ITR Appeal filed against the order of rectification u/s 154 made by Assistant Director of Income Tax, CPC dated XX.XX.20XX [Jurisdictional ITO: Ward No. X (X), XXXX] Most respectfully submitted before the Hon’ble CIT(A), […]

ITAT deletes addition for Purchase which was never made by Assessee

September 21, 2021 1020 Views 0 comment Print

Raman Sood Vs ITO (ITAT Delhi) On being seen ledger account of the seller of the goods in the relevant Financial year it is noted that there are no credits appearing in the said ledger as being no purchases from the said seller. No purchases made from the seller during the AYr. Under consideration. Evidentiary value […]

Writ petition & Appeal to be filed with HC & SC & circumstances thereof

September 15, 2021 50475 Views 2 comments Print

Writ petition & Appeal to be filed with High Court and Supreme Court and circumstances thereof Article 32 and Article 226 of the Constitution provide two separate but parallel provisions of writ jurisdiction with the Supreme Court and High Courts respectively. Article 32 has been incorporated as a fundamental right and it provides for the […]

Terminologies related to Property

September 11, 2021 1860 Views 0 comment Print

1. Movable Property – Movable property means property; the location of which can be changed, including things growing on, affixed to, or found in land, and documents although the rights represented thereby have no physical location. 2. Immovable Property – Immovable property includes; land, buildings, hereditary allowances, right to ways, lights, ferries, fisheries or any other benefit […]

Guiding note for freshers with no commerce background intending to start Income tax practice

September 10, 2021 5820 Views 7 comments Print

A guiding note for freshers who intends to start Income tax practice with no commerce background I had been a science student with no commerce back ground. But I am in Income tax practice for the last 32 years. A brief background is as under. I completed my BSc. with mathematics from Nehru College, Faridabad, […]

15 frequently used Terminology in Court cases

September 8, 2021 6924 Views 4 comments Print

1. Petitioner – ‘Petitioner’ refers to the party who petitioned the Supreme Court to review the case. This party is variously known as the petitioner or the appellant in court cases . 2. Respondent – ‘Respondent’ refers to the party being sued or tried and is also known as the appellate. The respondent is the […]

Strong suspicions/coincidences & grave doubts cannot substitute legal proof

August 28, 2021 1638 Views 0 comment Print

Proof of account books of business in criminal trials,ingredients to be proved, explained-Presumption in favour of acts of public servants charged with bringing home economic and other crimes-Kerala General Sales Tax Act, 1963, Sections 46(1)(a), 46(1)(c) and 46(2)(c).

Terminology used in respect of Agriculture Lands

August 28, 2021 19494 Views 1 comment Print

KHASRA – Khasra means annual village register showing the possession of the land as a cultivator. A khasra is normally a field book containing a list of the tenants in occupation of Agriculture land and it is not one of the registers which are included in the record of rights which carries with it a […]

Income-tax authorities entitled to pierce the veil of corporate entity & look at reality of transaction

August 27, 2021 2349 Views 0 comment Print

For years a battle of manoeuver has been waged between the Legislature and those who are minded to throw the burden of taxation off their own shoulders on to those of their fellow subjects. In that battle the Legislature has often been worsted by the skill, determination and resourcefulness of its opponents, of whom the […]

Object of Section 40A is to curb flow of black money & not to put an impediment to Business

August 26, 2021 1713 Views 0 comment Print

The object of the provisions of Section 40A is to curb the flow of black money and not to put an impediment to the trade and Business The Hon’ble Tribunal accepted the plea of the assessee The writ petition of the CIT was reject ted by the Hon’ble PB and Hr. High Court The plea […]

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