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Archive: 05 June 2024

Posts in 05 June 2024

Role of a seller’s lawyer in a property sale

June 5, 2024 4743 Views 1 comment Print

Discover the crucial steps a seller’s lawyer takes in ensuring a smooth property sale, from providing vital documents to negotiating terms, protecting the seller’s interests.

CBIC Implements Electronic Disbursal of Duty Drawback

June 5, 2024 465 Views 0 comment Print

CBIC introduces electronic disbursal of duty drawback directly to exporter’s bank accounts via PFMS, enhancing transparency and efficiency. Details on the initiative.

CBIC Chairperson inaugurates GST Bhawan at Rohtak, Haryana

June 5, 2024 183 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the inauguration of GST Bhawan at Rohtak by CBIC Chairperson, enhancing tax compliance in Haryana. Explore the project’s significance and impact.

Export of food commodities through National Cooperative Exports Limited (NCEL)

June 5, 2024 216 Views 0 comment Print

Stay updated with DGFT Notification No. 15/2024-25 extending Broken Rice export period through NCEL till November 30, 2024. Details here.

Regularisation of Additional Director in Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of Company

June 5, 2024 666 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the process of regularizing an additional director in an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) of a company. Understand the legal provisions and implications involved.

IBBI Guidelines 2024: Interim Resolution, Liquidation and Bankruptcy Trustees

June 5, 2024 273 Views 0 comment Print

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India issues guidelines for Insolvency Professionals to act as Interim Resolution Professionals, Liquidators, and Bankruptcy Trustees.

SEBI Enhances Efficiency: Direct Payout to Client Demat Accounts

June 5, 2024 321 Views 0 comment Print

SEBI mandates direct payout of securities to client demat accounts, improving operational efficiency and reducing risk. Implementation starts October 2024.

SEBI draft Circular on Review of Facility for Basic Services Demat Account

June 5, 2024 324 Views 0 comment Print

Review of SEBI’s BSDA facility aims to boost financial inclusion and ease investing by revising eligibility, AMC, and services for demat accounts. Share your feedback now.

SEBI’s New Framework for Foreign Portfolio Investors Post Registration Expiry

June 5, 2024 180 Views 0 comment Print

SEBI updates FPIs framework: Understand new guidelines for securities handling post-registration expiry. Key changes, deadlines, and compliance details.

SEBI Circular: Disclosures of Material Changes & Other Obligations for FPIs

June 5, 2024 168 Views 0 comment Print

SEBI issues a new circular revising disclosure timelines and obligations for Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) to enhance transparency and compliance.

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