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Insider Trading: Restricting of trading activities of DPs by freezing PAN – NSE Circular

Circular Ref No: NSE/CML/2023/49 28/06/2023

NSE has recently issued a circular clarifying the implementation of the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) regulations regarding the prohibition of insider trading. The focus of these regulations is to restrict the trading activities of Designated Persons (DPs) by freezing their Permanent Account Number (PAN) at the sec...

Salary As A Head of Income

Understanding the provisions and implications associated with income under the head 'Salaries' is crucial for both taxpayers and tax authorities. It enables individuals to effectively comply with their tax obligations while ensuring a fair and equitable assessment of taxable income....

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GST Appeal filed after prescribed time limit cannot be entertained

HC held that Additional Commissioner is right in rejecting time-barred appeal as section 107 of CGST Act has an inbuilt mechanism and has impliedly excluded application of Limitation Act, 1963....

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Beware of Unregistered Entity: Bhartiya Cooperative General Insurance Limited – IRDAI Notice

Ref No: IRDAI/NL/PNT/MISC/140/6/2023 28/06/2023

IRDAI issues a public notice cautioning the general public about an unregistered entity named Bhartiya Cooperative General Insurance Limited. The notice warns against undertaking insurance transactions with this entity and advises the public to be cautious. Stay informed and protect yourself from fraudulent activities....

Master Guide on Filing Income Tax Return: Everything You Need to Know

Discover the advantages of filing your return of income, contributing to national development, validating creditworthiness, accessing financial benefits, and more. Learn why filing your income tax returns is crucial. Looking for a comprehensive guide on filing income tax returns? Learn about the different forms, modes of filing, document...

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Penalties for Failure to Appoint Company Secretary: A costly oversight

Explore a case study of GTZ Securities Limited, which faced penalties due to its failure to appoint a Company Secretary as mandated by the Companies Act, 2013. Discover the consequences, violations, and penalties imposed on the company and its directors....

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Monitoring Requirements for Insurers’ Investments in AIF

Circular No. REF: IRDAI/F&I/CIR/INV/139/06/2023 28/06/2023

IRDAI has issued a circular outlining monitoring requirements for insurers' investments in Alternative Investment Funds (AIF). Insurers are required to adhere to certain guidelines including quarterly declaration of AIF Net Asset Values (NAVs), approval for rollovers, and submission of quarterly returns. ...

Speaking Order Under GST Regime

Speaking orders, or reasoned decisions, form an integral part of natural justice and serve as the third pillar of this principle. A speaking order refers to a decision that contains its own reasons and explanations. When an adjudicating body provides the rationale behind their decision, it is considered a speaking order. This type of orde...

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No GST Under RCM On Director’s Services Provided in Individual Capacity

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the scope of GST on director's services, discussing the relevant notifications, legal provisions, and clarifications. It concludes that directors in their individual capacity are not liable to pay GST under the reverse charge mechanism (RCM)....

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Presumptive Taxation Scheme: Meaning, Eligibility & Implications – Explained

Understand the concept of presumptive taxation scheme, its eligibility criteria, and implications for taxpayers. Learn about different sections under Income-tax Act, such as 44AD, 44ADA, and 44AE, and how they provide relief to small taxpayers....

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