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List of Documents Required For Shifting of Registered Office From One Sate To Another State

1. Application as per Section 13(4) of Companies Act, 2013 2. CTC of Board Resolution in Board Meeting and Special resolution in EGM duly signed by director 3. Altered MOA & Existing MOA & AOA of the company. 4. Notice for calling General Meeting along with relevant explanatory statement 5. Copy of minutes if General […]...

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Input Tax Credit under CGST Act, 2017

What is Input Tax Credit as per CGST Act?. From the combined reading of sections 2(62) and 2(63) we understand that tax paid in the form of CGST, SGST\UTGST, IGST for procurement of goods or services by a registered person including GST paid under RCM method for import and inward supplies will be called as […]...

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Provisions of section 54F are beneficial provisions and are to be considered liberally

T. Pandian Vs ITO (ITAT Chennai)

ITAT Chennai held that even though assessee has not invested sale proceeds in Capital Gain Account Scheme, but complied with the conditions u/s. 54F(1) of the Act by purchasing an independent house. Deduction u/s 54F allowed as provisions of section 54F are beneficial provisions and are to be considered liberally....

G-20 Taxation – Japan

Due to initiation of Japanese taxation in my earlier articles, let me narrate the steps taken by Jetro, Japan external trade organization (web page with official tax information), and National Tax Agency to update our knowledge for the tax year 2022, particularly in view of G 20 Taxation compilation merging with Indian presidentship of th...

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Petitioner required to compensate by payment of interest as State of Odisha deprived of recovering 2/3rd tax due

Bharat Motors Ltd. Vs Sales Tax Officer (Orissa High Court)

Orissa High Court held that State of Odisha was deprived of recovering 2/3rd of tax due by virtue of interim order of the Supreme Court of India, accordingly, petitioner is required to compensate the State of Odisha by making payment towards interest in the interest of justice and equity....

Different Types of Company Structures in the USA

Introduction  When it comes to choosing a corporate structure, there are various objectives to consider. One such objective is security, as each structure offers different levels of protection. Another objective is to manage taxes, by setting up a separate company, which enables you to maximize write-offs and exemptions. Additionally, se...

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FAQs on IND AS 12

1. What is IND AS 12? Answer: IND AS 12 is a financial reporting standard that sets out the accounting treatment for income taxes in the financial statements of an entity. 2. What is the objective of IND AS 12? Answer: The objective of IND AS 12 is to ensure that the financial statements of […]...

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ITC on CSR expenditure and CSR under Companies Act, Income Tax Act & GST

Bird eye view on GST credit availment on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) expenditure & CSR under Companies Act, Income Tax Act, GST. In this article I am going to discuss (or) give short glimpse on origin of CSR Corporate Social Responsibility) expenditure and the relevance of the same under Tax Laws i.e. GST and Income [&hellip...

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How to PAN with Aadhaar card?

The Aadhaar card, issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is a crucial identification document for every Indian citizen. It contains biometric and demographic details of the cardholder and serves as a proof of identity and address for various purposes, including opening bank accounts, obtaining SIM cards, and avail...

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Round Tripping Provisions under New ODI Rules

Round-tripping means a combination of transactions involving transfer of money across jurisdictions, eventually resulting in a return to the jurisdiction of origin. Simply, for example, an Indian entity sets up a subsidiary outside in the USA and that company uses these proceeds to invest back in India. RBI considers such transactions fro...

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