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GST on Real Estate: CBIC release FAQs (Part II)

F.No. 354/32/2019-TRU 14/05/2019

A number of issues have been raised regarding the new GST rate structure notified for real estate sector effective from 01-04-2019. A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) containing 41 questions was issued on 7th May, 2019. Part II of the FAQ is presented below....

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Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) under GST

Concept of Reverse Charge under CGST Act, 2017 & IGST Act, 2017 explained in a lucid manner covering list of Goods & Services covered under RCM ...

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CBDT defers furnishing of GST & GAAR details in Form 3D till 31.03.2020

Circular No. 09/2019-Income Tax 14/05/2019

Reporting requirements under clause 30C (pertaining to General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR)) and clause 44 (pertaining to Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance) of the Form No. 3CD is been kept in abeyance till 31st March, 2020. Circular No. 09/2019-Income Tax F. No. 370142/9/2018-TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of...

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Maintenance of Books of A/Cs at a place other than Registered Office

Maintenance of Books of Accounts etc to be kept at a place other than Registered Office via e-Form AOC-5 under Section 128 of Companies Act, 2013 > Every company shall prepare and keep at its registered office books of account and other relevant books and papers and financial statement for every financial year which give […]...

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Know Your TDS Compliance Under Income Tax Act

What is TDS? TDS stands for Tax Deduction At Source. It means that when an Individual/Organization/persons making the specified payment which are mentioned under Income Tax Act, 1961 to another person than that Person (who is making the payment) has to deduct the TDS when the amount of the payment exceeds the threshold limit. Such [&helli...

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DPT 3 Filling

What is DPT-3? Mandatory Filing of Details of borrowings including borrowings in the nature of unsecured and secured Loan with ROC in form DPT-3 as prescribed under Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Amendment Rules, 2019 Who is required to file DPT-3? By Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Amendment Rules, 2019: Every Company other than G...

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Transfer Pricing Additional Documentation – Applicability, Forms, Due Dates and Penalties

1. Background Generally, framework of any compliance mechanism under any law will consist of provisions related to a) what and how the compliance is to be done? (Charging Sections), b) to whom the compliance requirement is applicable? (Applicability), c) what details and documents are to be maintained and what are the reports to be filed ...

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Hidden Benefits of Mini Cash Loans are Exposed! Read Them Here

We all know, we can take out a loan to cover our cash crunches; but do you know you can use a personal loan or any mini cash loan for investment? Building wealth starts with investment and an online mini cash loan could be your first step towards it. After all your expenses paid, and […]...

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ITC allowed despite non-payment by selling dealer: Delhi HC

On Quest Merchandising India Pvt. Ltd Vs Government of Nct of Delhi & Ors. (Delhi High Court)

In the High Court of Delhi in case of ON QUEST MERCHANDISING INDIA PVT. LTD. Versus GOVT. OF NCT OF DELHI. Held Section 9(2)(g) of Delhi Vat Act, 2004 requiring that the ITC will be allowed subject to the payment of tax by the selling dealer. Held that it was violative of Article 14 of Constitution of India. Purchasing Dealer has paid the...

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5 Productive Ways to De-Stress and Live the Best Life

Stress is an unavoidable part of being an adult. From your job to the pressure of financial security, everything about your life can put a world of pressure on your shoulders, which leads to more and more stress. However, there are a few ways you can de-stress and find the best way to enjoy your […]...

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