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Due date to furnish form 16 (Salary Certificate) extended to 15th June

Notification No. 42/2017 [G.S.R 546(E)] (02/06/2017)

Due date of furnishing Annually Form 16 (Salary Certificate) is extended from 31st day of May of the financial year immediately following the financial year in which the income was paid and tax deducted to 15th day of June....

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15th Meeting of the GST Council to be held on 3rd June, 2017

15th Meeting of the GST Council to be held tomorrow, 3rd June, 2017 - Approval of amendments to the draft GST Rules and related forms and Finalization of the rates of tax and cess on the remaining commodities are on the Agenda among others for tomorrow’s meeting. ...

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SC revises Format for Index of Case File/ Paper book

F.No.172/Judl./2017 (02/06/2017)

It it hereby notified for information of the Members of Bar, Parties-in-Person and all concerned that the Competent Authority has directed that henceforth the case file/paper book shall have one common index, having running pagination, as per the format attached herewith....

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ICAI FAQs on Revised Scheme of Education & Training

The three levels will now be called as Foundation, Intermediate and Final in place of earlier levels i.e. Common Proficiency Course (CPC), Intermediate (integrated Proficiency Competence) Course and Final....

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ICAI: Summary of Revised Scheme of Education and Training

Register with Board of Studies (BoS) after appearing in Class XII examination so as to complete four months study period (i.e. register till 30th June/ 31st Dec. for November/ May Examination)....

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Acceptance of late charges / amendment fees by JNCH on 24 X 7 basis

Public Notice No. 72/2017-JNCH (02/06/2017)

Trade has represented that they are facing difficulty in making payment of certain late charges / amendment fees (as detailed below) beyond working hours....

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Reversal of Input Tax Credit in Special Cases under GST

Just like in present tax structure, Reversal of Credit under GST also has the same meaning. In a layman language, reversal of credit means reversal of the credit already taken. The essence of this write- up is to decipher the special cases and manner in which the availed Input tax credit is reversed. Contents of […]...

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SEBI on Formation of Committee on Corporate Governance

PR No.: 30/2017 (02/06/2017)

The Committee shall make recommendations to SEBI on the following issues with the aim of improving standards of corporate governance of listed companies in India: 1. Ensuring independence in spirit of Independent Directors and their active participation in functioning of the company;...

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Manual filing and processing of hills of entry / shipping hills-reg.

Instruction no. 06/2017-Customs (02/06/2017)

The matter has been examined in the Board. In order to redress the issue, it has been decided that only in the rarest of rare and genuine cases manual processing and clearance will be allowed and data for manual documents is compulsorily entered and transmitted at all locations within the stipulated time period....

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Get Simplified Composition Scheme under GST

There would always be a segment of taxpayers who would find it difficult to completely fulfill the compliance requirement of tax laws, may be due to their small size or nature of their operations. From the tax collector view-point also, the cost of collecting tax from such tax payers is far more in percentage terms […]...

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