Dated : 2nd June, 2017


It it hereby notified for information of the Members of Bar, Parties-in-Person and all concerned that the Competent Authority has directed that henceforth the case file/paper book shall have one common index, having running pagination, as per the format attached herewith.

As per the new format of the index, Column (iii) thereof shall depict the pagination of the paper book, corresponding to the documents and/or applications which are kept in Part I of the case file. All applications, which are to be listed before the Hon’ble Court, shall be included in Part I of the case file and shall be paginated accordingly. In view thereof, all applications to be listed before the Hon’ble Court filed in the form of separate paper book, shall have running/continuous page numbering also. The applications, which are to be listed before the Hon’ble Judge in Chambers and the Court of learned Registrar, shall be placed in Part II of the file and shall not form part of the paper book.

[Kapil Mehta]

Registrar (J-II)


Chirag Bhanu Singh

Registrar (J-II)


Sl. No. Particulars of Document Page No. of part to which it belongs Remarks
Part 1 (Contents of Paper Book)) Part II (Contents of file alone)
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
1. 0/R on Limitation A A
2. Listing Proforma Al-A2 A1-A2 _..
3. Cover Page of Paper Book A-3
4. Index of Record of Proceedings A-4
5. Limitation Report prepared by the Registry A-5
6. Defect List A-6
7. Note Sheet NS1 to ..
8. List of Dates B-Q
9. Impugned Order 1-14 (*)
10. SLP with affidavit 15-45 (*)
11. Appendix 46=47 (*)
12. Annexure P-1 48-59 (*)
13. Annexure P-2 60-68 (*)
14. Application for c/delay 69-74 (*)
15. F/M 75 (*)
16. V/A 76-77 (*)
17. Letter to Advocate 78 (*)
18. I.A. for Substitution 79-83 (*)
19. I.A. for c/delay in filing substitution application 84-87 (*)
20. I.A.’s to be listed before the Hon’ble Court 88-90 (*)

Note: (*) Page numbering is for illustration only.

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