"06 September 1999" Archive

Public Notice No. 30 (RE-99)/1997-2002

Public Notice No. 30 (RE-99)/1997-2002 (06/09/1999)

The deemed export benefits for these projects would be subject to the conditions that in case OECF assistance for the 2nd/subsequent tranche does not materialize, respective project authority would fully reimburse all the deemed export benefits to the Government of India....

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Circular No. 59/99-Custom Duty Dated 6/9/1999

Circular No. 59/99-Custom Duty (06/09/1999)

After issued of the said circular, References have been received, both from trade and the Ministry of Commerce, on the issue of furnishing of Bank Guarantee / Cash Deposit. It has been stated that the requirement of cash deposit or Bank Guarantee equal to 50% of the duty liability along with the Bond as security is not conductive to expo...

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