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Format of Partnership Deed and Forms

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  1. Deed of Modification in Partnership
  2. Model Partnership Deed
  3. Admitting New Partner
  4. Retirement Deed
  5. Dissolution of Partnership Involving Immovable Property
  6. Admitting Minor
  7. Modifying the Partnership Deed


71 Responses to “Format of Partnership Deed and Forms”

  1. Jitendra says:

    We need partnership deed format for three partners doing Trading Business and equally liable for profit, loss, capital.

  2. Pramod says:

    Dear Sir,
    I require Partnership deed for Trading Bussiness

  3. aBHAY says:

    R/ sir
    kindly advise on
    the formation of books publications
    in paternership.

    and legal procedure in respect of the incorporation.

  4. ashwini says:

    Hello sir
    I want dissolution of partnership deed n make it as proprietorship firm
    I want to know what is the procejure n want format for conversion of partnership deed into proprietorship deed
    Thank you

  5. Abhishek says:

    Can anyone provide procedure for registration of Supplementary Deed (FORM E) in detail?

  6. Astaf Mansuri says:

    I want to copy of Dissolution of partnership firm (deed) in Gujarati. Please if anyone have please forward it to me on my email:- ca.amansuri@gmail.com

  7. Astaf Mansuri says:

    I want to copy of Dissolution of partnership firm in Gujarati. Please if anyone have please forward it to me on my email:- ca.amansuri@gmail.com

  8. Deepak says:

    Need Format of Partnership deed for Change of FIrm Name.

  9. alom says:

    can i start a business like formation of computer institute

  10. alom says:

    can i do business like making a new computer institute
    by partnership firm?

  11. VIKAS says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start my own partnership firm.
    Please let me know the format of deed related to Tours & Travel Partnership Firm.
    And advise me the necessary clauses which i need to added in the partnership deed documents .

  12. Abu says:


    i request you to send draft partnership deed for induction of new parners in the existing concern.

    thanks and regards


  13. nitesh says:

    please send me partnership deed in hindi format on my mail

  14. Ritika says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start my own partnership firm.
    Please let me know the format of deed related to Tours & Travel Partnership Firm.
    And advise me the necessary clauses which i need to added in the partnership deed documents .

  15. PRODYOT KR. SARDAR says:

    hello,sir please advise me we are already running a business of village aria TV Cable Operator. Our total partners are 15, our firm name Friends Cable Network.Partners are not = share. we want to partnership deed format in word and we are registration/license of our firm so kindly Plz forward the partnership deed format as early as possible and suggest me urgent.

    Friends Cable Network

  16. kiran says:


    I am kiran from bangalore.

    I need the partnership deed format for running a Minerals trading firm.
    if any one having format, request to send the same my mail id

  17. Hitesh says:

    Sir.plz sent patnership deed formet in gunrati

  18. chintan says:

    For registration of firm in Maharashtra,
    is it compulsory to get form A notarised?

  19. Ajay Garude says:


    I get letter form registration of firm

    1) that in deed of partnership you had not mention Partner Address & date of formation

    they can not helping use further what document we have give for that problem

    can you please help use this matter

  20. Raju says:

    Dear Sir,
    please send us the format of Partnership deed in hindi language

  21. ramesh chandra suryawanshi says:

    may i get challan formate for registration of partnership firm

  22. bhupendra dwivedi says:

    please partner ship deed

  23. SARAVANA RAJA K says:

    I want to know how the partner loan and its assets (which is taken from loan) transfer to firm. can i claim the depreciation and any cases supported this

  24. आशीष says:


    सर जी मेरे को हिंदी में बिज़नस दीद पार्टनरशिप के लिए चाहिए तो आप हमारी मदद करेंगे सर जी ?

    आप का बड़ा आभार रहे गा

  25. pandhari says:

    kindly send the format of admission of partner i can do the problem solving but i have no any format of this one above i m student of b.com (II) so pls send today as soon as today.

  26. Moriz Khan says:

    My Fathher had a partnership firm. it has been closed 25 years ago.
    Now i need partnership deed. can i get it or from where i can get it.
    i am from jaipur only and firm is also was also in jaipur.
    Please suggest.

  27. mano says:

    my client want to close the partnership firm and continue that same company as sole proprietor

  28. ramesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    What is the process to modify some clauses in existing partnership(business) deed agreement. After modification do we need to re-register the Amended deed?


  29. abhishek says:

    i wants to begin a firm and we have 2 other people so we wants make a deed so please show the modle of deed. 

  30. Ramesh Rajani says:

    Good, suggest try to keep in all indian language

  31. Yamuna says:

    i need Vellore office for registration of partnership firm

  32. Swapnil says:

    I want to convert my proprietorship into partnership. Please advise as to what steps have to be taken apart from preparation of P. Deed.??

  33. AJITH KUMAR says:

    i am a partner in the firm consists of 5 partners and out them 4 express to reitre from the and i wish to continue the firm as partnership. what is the procedure for this

  34. kanu says:

    i want to partnership deed in gujarati langwage

  35. sandeep says:

    I want required partershipdeed format for our Trading Work in mart supply we have three patner………… urgent

  36. Rajiv says:

    hello,sir please advise me i have already running abussiness and want be registration of firm and partnership deed so please tell me from a and c wher it is submit . i am dealer in punjab
    thank;s and regard’s

  37. I.Mohan says:

    I am a Tax Consultant one of my client to wants to firm a Partnership firm with 4 of their friends to dealing share market business.please help me to prepare Partnership Deed Formatting draft to prepare deed. I hope you will guide me and mail the formats.

    with regards.

  38. CA Vinit Kulkarni says:

    may i get format of authority letter under partnership Act,1932.?

  39. vikash kumar says:

    Dear All…
    Good morning..
    kindly suggest to me
    office address of registrar of firm in BIHAR state,Were i will apply for registration of partnership firm.
    Thanks in Advance.

  40. Chandrashekar says:

    We are planing start a plastic molding company (2 members) also we are investing 3 Lakhs each. what is is document we need to,and what are all the details it should involve.


  41. sourabh singh says:

    I am starting a consultancy firm which will be dealing in Auto loans and Insurance products.We will be  4 partners in this firm.Can i have some elaborate matter to make a safe and practical deed.Please advise at the earliest. 

  42. ATUL says:

    I want in which name to pay fee for partnership registration in Maharashtra state

  43. Sandeep Dhawale says:

    I have read each and every Question and the all format of memorandum of understanding and it is really appreciative. Thank you

  44. karanjit rjajan says:

    I want to own a sole proprietorship firm……… and do share trading as frenchise….. wanna work as a contractor and a c&F agent……. can i do it in sole properietorship firm if yes ……….what is the process to get it registered and what are its limitations…….i dont want to do bussiness with any one else me and only me thats it

  45. Azeez says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can any Managing partner sign official documents or appointment letters of new employees of the firm from abroad with out having an office of the said firm there? Is it a valid one in India? Please advice..

  46. RAVI says:

    sir i want to any updation of law send my e mail.- id

  47. RAVI says:

    dear sir,
    i am ravisharma student of b.com part (ii) i want to requird the formet of partner ship deed two persion i m not useing the commersial pourpos but i m under stand the topic of this deed
    so kindly send to the deed
    Ravi sharma

  48. SENKORO says:

    Please will you send me partnership deep, we are operating a company of two people.

  49. narayanan says:

    thank you

  50. poonam says:

    my client wants to admit a partner and change the address in partnership deed..which format should i follow? kindly reply fast

    thanking you

  51. CA Abhijeet Parab says:

    Dear Devang,

    You do not need to convert proprietorship into partnership firm.

    Just form a new firm , register it, open new bank account and start operating.

    You can transfer assets and liabilities of old proprietorship as your capital into the new firm.

    Hope this will help you.

    All the Best!

  52. samuel says:

    please send me partnership commitment agreement to convince a party to put resources with me to run a business.

    thank you
    afatexglobal ent.

  53. Devang Patel says:

    Respected Sir,
    I want to convert Sole Propritership Firm into Partnership Firm.
    Kindly request to mail me deed formet.
    Expect your quick action.

    Devang Patel

  54. Debasish Sinha says:

    kindly, provide me application form in ward of registration of firm,

  55. Rahul Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,

    Me along with three of my friends made a partnership firm in the year 2008. one of the partners was minor at that time. Now that partner has become adult in 2011. we executed a partnership deed in 2008 kindly send me the model deed to incorporate this change.

    Thanking You
    Rahul Gupta

  56. murali krishna says:

    Please provide dissolution deed with all clauses

  57. nehiya says:

    Hello Sir, Please send me partnership deed, we are two individual partners. i need format of partnership deed, please help me i am waiting for your replay

    thanks & regards

  58. Ketan Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want required partershipdeed format for manufacturing company ,between three persons in word

  59. yaseen says:

    hi pls send me partnership deed we are two partners only i need format of partnership deed pls help me i am waiting for your replay

    thanks & regards
    yaseen basha

  60. hemant says:

    pls send parnarship deed formate agrimant

  61. jay Prakash says:

    Dear Sir,

    plz forward the format of the amended partnership deed regarding retirement of a partner from the partnership agreement. For your information, in our partnaership firm there are 3 partners.

  62. Govind Chhawsaria says:

    My friend has a partnership firm in which there are two partners. Now my name is to be introduced as a partner because of which the existing name of firm has to be changed so that we can use the experience of the existinf firm. Does it possible?Plz suggest me urgent.

  63. archi says:

    plz forward the partnership deed format as early as possible.

  64. VIMITHA says:

    I want required partnership deed format, between 3 person in word.

  65. masunga lilanga says:

    no commments

  66. harshad says:

    I made partner ship deed on 2010 I want to change the name and address of the business…
    mail me the format of the same..

  67. sandip says:

    I want to Partnership deed format in word

  68. Rakesh Kadchhi says:

    I want required partnership format of between three individual and three huf

  69. Mukund says:

    I made partner ship deed on 1987 I want to change the name and address of the business.

  70. deepak kanjani says:

    hello I am deepak kanjani, I am planning to start my own management college in pune with the collaboration with one education society, i just want to ask that what partnership deed should i follow so that both the society will have equal rights over the college

  71. manjusha says:

    Kindly advise required enclosures to file form-6 of the partnership act 1932

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