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Peer To Peer Lending

P2P lending is basically a crowd-funding model where people join to lend their money with people who are in need. In this platform there is a concept where lenders get higher interest by lending their money instead of saving and borrowers also get comparatively lower interest rates....

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Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018

(i) These regulations may be called the Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018. (ii) These regulations shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette....

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ECB Policy Review of Minimum Average Maturity & Hedging Provisions

Minimum average maturity: Reduce the minimum average maturity requirement for ECBs in the infrastructure space raised by eligible borrowers under paragraph 2.4.2 (vi) of the aforesaid Master Direction from 5 years, as stipulated under paragraph 2.4.1(iv), to 3 years; and...

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Partial Credit Enhancement to Bonds Issued by NBFCs & HFCs

Notification No. RBI/2018-19/70 DBR.BP.BC.No.7/21.04.142/2018-19 (02/11/2018)

It has now been decided to allow banks to provide partial credit enhancement (PCE) to bonds issued by the systemically important non-deposit taking non-banking financial companies (NBFC-ND-SIs) registered with the Reserve Bank of India and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) registered with National Housing Bank, subject to the following co...

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PML (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2018.

Notification No. G.S.R. 1078(E) (31/10/2018)

Ministry of finance notified Prevention of Money-laundering  (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2018 with effect from 31st October, 2018. In the Prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Rules, 2005, in rule 9, in sub-rule (1A), for the words “three days”, the words “ten days”, shall be substituted. Un...

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Master Direction – Fit and Proper Criteria for Sponsors – Asset Reconstruction Companies (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2018

RBI/DNBR/2018-19/66 Master Direction DNBR. PD (ARC) CC. No. 06/26.03.001/2018-19 (25/10/2018)

RBI/DNBR/2018-19/66 Master Direction DNBR. PD (ARC) CC. No. 06/26.03.001/2018-19 Dated: October 25, 2018 The Chairman / Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer All registered Asset Reconstruction Companies Dear Sir/ Madam, Master Direction – Fit and Proper Criteria for Sponsors – Asset Reconstruction Companies (Reserve Ban...

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Fire Audit of Currency Chests – Clarification

RBI/2018-19/66 DCM (CC) No.1083/03.39.01/2018-19 (25/10/2018)

We have been receiving references from various banks about non-availability of staff in State / District Fire Departments for getting the periodical fire audit conducted in their respective currency chests. ...

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India’s Benign Inflation: The real story

Soft food prices might have kept the lid on the RBI’s policy rates but it might be important to examine why the food basket’s price trends have been much weaker than what their usual seasonal patterns imply. This might help us grapple with some key questions: Will this weakness continue and offset pressure in other […]...

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India’s Investment Cycle: An Empirical Investigation

This study estimates the duration of the investment cycle and examines the determinants of investment activity in India. Using the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) dating procedure, the study finds that the real investment rate in India followed a three-year cycle during the period from 1950-51 to 2017-18...

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Cyber Security Framework for Primary (Urban) Co-op Banks (UCBs)

RBI/2018-19/63 DCBS. CO. PCB.Cir.No.1/18.01.000/2018-19 (19/10/2018)

Use of Information Technology by banks has grown rapidly and is now an important part of the operational strategy of banks. The number, frequency and impact of cyber incidents/attacks have increased manifold in the recent past, more so in the case of financial sector including banks...

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Latest RBI / FEMA News

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The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is India’s Apex bank which governs the banking regulations in the country and controls all the monetary policies of the country. It began its operations 1st of April 1935 at the time of British Rule as per the provisions laid down in the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. After India’s independence on 15th August 1947, the Reserve Bank of India was nationalized on 1st January 1949.

Reserve Bank of India is an independent monetary authority that regulates banks and offers important financial services such as controlling inflation, maintaining foreign exchange reserves, and providing monetary policy report. It plays a significant role in developing strategies of the Indian Government.

The FEMA Act (Foreign Exchange Management Act) is an Act constituted by the Indian Parliament for consolidating and amending the law related to foreign exchange for facilitating the external trade and payments and also for encouraging orderly maintenance and development of foreign exchange market in the country. This act was passed in the year 1999 during the winter session which replaced the previous Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA). The FEMA Regulations makes offenses with respect to foreign exchange civil offenses.This Act extends and is applicable for the entire nation. FEMA Act allowed a new regime for foreign exchange management that is consistent with the World Trade Organization’s emerging framework.

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