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Incorporate Name of Purchaser on the Face of Demand Draft: RBI

RBI/2018-19/14 DBR.AML.BC.No.210/14.01.001/2018-19 (12/07/2018)

the name of the purchaser shall be incorporated on the face of the demand draft, pay order, banker’s cheques, etc., by the issuing bank. These instructions shall take effect for such instruments issued on or after September 15, 2018....

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Foreign Venture Capital Investors And Related Regulations

Venture Capital is a type of seed funding in which investment is made at the initial growing stage of ventures. It is a financing to small and start-up ventures, which has high risk and potential to develop near future. The Venture Capital Investors are generally put their funds in those companies, which are with new ideas, innovations an...

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Single Master Form for reporting of Foreign Investment Received

This article is in regards to the newly introduced reporting structure (Single Master Form herein referred thereafter SMF) by Reserve Bank of India (herein referred thereafter RBI) for the reporting of all Foreign Investments so received by Indian Entities....

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Single Master Form for Reporting of Foreign investment in India

To make it convenient, ease of doing business RBI will introduce a Single Master Form (SMF) subsuming all the existing reports. The focus of RBI is on integrating the foreign direct investment reporting system and RBI has introduced TWO FORMS for this....

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FAQ’s Foreign investment in India – Reporting in Single Master Form

As per Reserve Bank of India, There are various ways of investment in India by foreigners and there are different forms for each type of investment like: Capital contribution in Company, LLP or investment in other investment vehicles....

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Relaxation in Spreading of MTM losses to Co-operative banks

RBI/2018-19/12 DCBR.BPD.(PCB/RCB)Cir.No.1/16.20.000/2018-19 (06/07/2018)

Please refer to circular UBD.No.BPD.PCB.Cir.12/09.29.00/2003-04 dated September 04, 2003 on ‘Guidelines for Investment Fluctuation Reserve’ issued to Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks (UCBs), and circular RPCD.No.RF.BC.17/A.4-92/93 dated September 04, 1992 on ‘Investment Portfolio of Banks - Transactions in Securities’ and subsequ...

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RBI Master Circular- Credit Facilities to Minority Communities

RBI/2018-19/8 FIDD.GSSD.BC.No.01/09.10.01/2018-19 (02/07/2018)

Please refer to our Master Circular FIDD.GSSD.BC.No.01/09.10.01/2016-17 dated July 01, 2016 (Updated as on September 29, 2016), consolidating the instructions / guidelines / directives issued to banks till that date relating to Credit Facilities to Minority Communities....

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Changes in Reference Rate Computation and Dissemination Mechanism

Press Release : 2018-2019/35 (04/07/2018)

Presently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) compiles and publishes on a daily basis the Reference Rate for Spot USD/INR and exchange rate of other major currencies. As announced in the Sixth Bi-monthly policy statement for the year 2017-18, Financial Benchmarks India Private Limited (FBIL) will assume, i.e., take over from RBI...

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RBI Master Circular Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme

RBI/2018-19/10 FIDD.CO.FSD.BC.No.6/05.05.010/2018-19 (04/07/2018)

The Kisan Credit Card scheme aims at providing adequate and timely credit support from the banking system under a single window with flexible and simplified procedure to the farmers for their cultivation and other needs as indicated below:...

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RBI Cautions about Fictitious Emails

Press Release: 2018-2019/34

Reserve Bank of India has been periodically reiterating about the activities of unscrupulous elements using the name of RBI and defrauding the common public. These elements use fake letter heads of RBI, send emails impersonating as employees of RBI and lure people with fictitious offers / lottery winnings / remittance of cheap funds in fo...

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Latest RBI / FEMA News

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The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is India’s Apex bank which governs the banking regulations in the country and controls all the monetary policies of the country. It began its operations 1st of April 1935 at the time of British Rule as per the provisions laid down in the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. After India’s independence on 15th August 1947, the Reserve Bank of India was nationalized on 1st January 1949.

Reserve Bank of India is an independent monetary authority that regulates banks and offers important financial services such as controlling inflation, maintaining foreign exchange reserves, and providing monetary policy report. It plays a significant role in developing strategies of the Indian Government.

The FEMA Act (Foreign Exchange Management Act) is an Act constituted by the Indian Parliament for consolidating and amending the law related to foreign exchange for facilitating the external trade and payments and also for encouraging orderly maintenance and development of foreign exchange market in the country. This act was passed in the year 1999 during the winter session which replaced the previous Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA). The FEMA Regulations makes offenses with respect to foreign exchange civil offenses.This Act extends and is applicable for the entire nation. FEMA Act allowed a new regime for foreign exchange management that is consistent with the World Trade Organization’s emerging framework.

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