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CBIC & DGFT: Why JNCH Customs indulge in manipulative interpretation- Part 3

May 19, 2024 429 Views 0 comment Print

Explore pervasive corruption within JNCH Customs, its impact on exporters, and urgent need for comprehensive reforms to restore integrity in Customs Department.

CBIC & DGFT: Manipulative Interpretation by JNCH Customs – Part 2  

April 30, 2024 402 Views 0 comment Print

Unveil why JNCH Customs manipulates CBIC & DGFT rules for ulterior motives. Detailed analysis of circulars, judicial pronouncements, and bureaucratic hurdles. Part 2.

CBIC & DGFT: Manipulative Interpretation by JNCH Customs – Part 1  

April 21, 2024 5913 Views 1 comment Print

Explore how the JNCH Customs exploit loopholes to hinder exporters despite CBIC & DGFT reforms. Learn about selective interpretations, legal precedents, and the quest for fairness.

DGFT: Abject Failure to comply with Parliament mandate is killing the nation

April 8, 2024 393 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the dire consequences of DGFTs inefficiency in issuing SCOMET licenses. Learn how delays are harming exporters and undermining national interests.

DGFT: Why corruption rules the roost

January 28, 2024 753 Views 1 comment Print

Uncover why corruption prevails & how DGFT isn’t doing enough to combat it. Learn how bribe money is making things easier & how systemic corruption is hindering exports. Find out more with DGFT – why corruption rules the roost.

DCGI and Industry Regulation: A Call for Accountability

November 5, 2023 510 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the challenges of industry regulation and the need for accountability within the DCGI. Learn about a case involving Azithromycin Amine and its impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

Upholding Justice: Challenge of Ensuring Property Rights in India

October 16, 2023 813 Views 0 comment Print

This article delves into the intricacies of property rights and the challenges faced by ordinary citizens when confronted with fraudulent property transfers and registrations in India, with a particular focus on the state of Rajasthan.

CBIC & DGFT: Pre-import condition validation based on half truths is a big blow to Indian exporters

May 15, 2023 1515 Views 0 comment Print

There is no one in this world who knows all & with all due respect it is true of the Apex court. It is therefore essential that both the sides in litigation are honest & upright in their approach at the very least in those cases where the larger public interest is involved as in this case.

ChatGPT fails miserably – Credit to DGFT to even confuse Open AI

February 18, 2023 2730 Views 0 comment Print

ChatGPT failed miserably – credit to the DGFTs confusing foreign trade and export promotion policy. Learn more about the appeal procedure!

DGFT: Why idiocy remains the hallmark functionally

January 26, 2023 3645 Views 7 comments Print

Uncover the challenges exporters face with DGFT in the facilitation process. Explore a case study from Vadodara RA, shedding light on frivolous demands, erroneous practices, and the need for systemic changes.

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