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CA Ila Jindal is a Chartered Accountant (proprietor of Jindal Ila & Co.) having an experience of over 10 years in Direct taxation, Indirect taxation, corporate matters and accounting of businesses. She is a qualified diploma holder of DIIT (ICAI) with AIR-2 qualified in the year 2023. DIIT stands for "Diploma in International Taxation" conducted by ICAI which includes courses on "International Tax Practice" & "Transfer Pricing compliances". She is also a ICAI certified GST practitioner qualified in the year 2017. She has vast experience in handling taxation of ESOPs for individuals, tax filing and audits of stock market traders and investors. She has also an expertise in handling accounting, audit and taxation of corporates, start-ups, GTA's, logistics and various online business models. She can be reached out at
Member Since: 09 Sep 2020
Total Posts: 9
Qualification: CA in Practice
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Company: Jindal Ila & Co | Chartered Accountants
Designation: Proprietor


Chartered Accountant I DIIT(ICAI) | ICAI certified GST practitioner |

Job Skills

International taxation, GST, TDS, Income Tax Returns, ROC, Government registrations, Statutory audits,Tax audits, ESOP taxation


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