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निवेश एवं बचत की शुरुवात कब से करनी चाहिए और क्यों?

May 2, 2023 1344 Views 1 comment Print

अब जब ये मामला हमारे जीवन की वित्तीय समस्यायों से सम्बंधित हो तो और भी अच्छा होगा कि वित्तीय आत्मनिर्भरता जितनी जल्दी पा ली जाये उतना ही हमें अपने जीवन को जीने का समय मिल जाता है वरना सारी ज़िंदगी कमाने धमाने में ही निकल जाती है.

Tax Collected at Source (TCS) on Sale of Goods with 15 FAQs

October 1, 2020 124560 Views 14 comments Print

Tax collected at Source on sale of Goods effective from 01st October 2020 Due date for filing Annual return and audit report under GST has been extended, tax payer got some relaxation however new compliance requirement has been introduced which is applicable from 01st October 2020 i.e. tax to be collected at source on sale of goods. […]

House Rent Allowance – A Tax planning tool for Salaried

September 24, 2020 66777 Views 60 comments Print

Generally employee submits Rent receipt and rent deed to his employer to claim exemption of tax on account of HRA however recently CBDT vide circular :08/2013 dated 10 Oct 2013 has made mandatory that If annual rent paid by the employee to his/her land lord exceeds Rs 1,00,000 per annum

Impact of Section 194O on E commerce operator & participants

June 7, 2020 3438 Views 0 comment Print

Tax deduction at source or Tax collected at source are the most convenient mode of tax collection by the government thus it is a tool to collect tax to minimize the tax evasion by taxing the income at the time when income generated and instead of taxing on a later date. A large number of […]

Change in criteria of unit under MSME Act

June 3, 2020 11112 Views 0 comment Print

Earlier the MSMEs were defined on te basis of th investment made by them however now the revised definition has been brought by the Government of India while delivering the economic package as part of the AAtmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and further  change has been approved in the definition of the MSMSe to provide equity support […]

Decisions taken by GST Council in its 32 Meeting on 10.01.2019

January 11, 2019 30042 Views 3 comments Print

GST Council in the 32nd meeting held on 10th January, 2019 at New Delhi took following decisions to give relief to MSME (including small traders), and took following other decisions but same would be given effect to through Gazette notifications/ circulars which shall have the force of law.-

Can Input Tax Credit of process loss/waste of Input be taken?

October 1, 2018 17769 Views 3 comments Print

Section 17(5) of the Central Goods and Service Tax Act 2017, says that notwithstanding anything contained in section 16(1) or section 18(1), input tax credit shall not be available for certain inputs or input services.

Exhaustive Analysis of Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC)

June 27, 2016 9472 Views 2 comments Print

A Cess is a tax which is collected by the government to be used for a specific purpose. Thus collections from levy of cess can be used only for the purpose for which it has been collected and not for any other purpose, Finance Minister has mentioned in his budget speech that proceeds of KKC would be exclusively used for financing initiatives relating to improvement of agriculture and welfare of farmers.

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