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Best Judgment Assessments for Unregistered or Cancelled GST Registrations

Explore GST Section 63, covering best judgment assessments for unregistered or cancelled registrations. Learn about timelines, examples, and appeals in this comprehensive guide....

U.S. Federal Reserve Interest Rate Revision – A Comprehensive Discussion

Learn about the U.S. Federal Reserve Interest Rate Revision & its implications for American investors & foreigners w/ banking operations in the US. How does it affect bank rates, mortgages, stocks & bonds? Discover its global impact....

Kerala HC Orders Release of Woman Under Article 21 on Humanitarian Grounds

Kerala High Court, in a landmark judgment, orders release under Article 21 citing humanitarian grounds for a woman detained under the KAAPA Act....

Trial Courts Cannot Impose Life Imprisonment till Last Breath: Karnataka HC

Explore the Karnataka High Court's landmark judgment on Trial Courts' authority to impose life imprisonment till the last breath. Understand the legal nuances, case summary, and implications....

Advisory on verification of transporter Id (TRANSIN) in e-Waybills

Understand the three categories of E-Waybill transporters, and the crucial role of verifying IDs. Learn to use 'Get GSTIN' and 'Get TRANSIN' APIs for accurate checks...

Blessing of CSR for recent development in modern India

In the intricate landscape of modern Indian corporate sectors, the emphasis on development as a tool to combat poverty through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model is becoming increasingly prevalent....

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