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CENVAT Credit admissible on ‘Banking & Financial Services’ used in Immovable Property Renting

Bangalore Housing Development & Investments Vs Commissioner of Central Tax (CESTAT Bangalore)

CESTAT Bangalore's recent decision on CENVAT credit for banking and financial services in property rentals. Detailed analysis and implications of the case....

Correct Application of AS-9 for advances: ITAT confirms deletion of Addition

ITO Vs Nayak Chaudhari Construction Pvt. Ltd. (ITAT Mumbai)

ITAT Mumbai's recent decision on advance income tax treatment. Explore the case between ITO and Nayak Chaudhari Construction Pvt. Ltd. and its implications....

ITAT Allows Director’s Post-Graduate Education Expense

ITO Vs Iris Products Pvt. Ltd. (ITAT Ahmedabad)

Case of ITO Vs. Iris Products Pvt. Ltd. where ITAT Ahmedabad permits Assessee Company to fund a Director's post-graduate education for business benefit....

No capital gain in the hand of transferee in Slump Sale of certain Business Line

DCIT Vs Thulasi Mohan Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (ITAT Chennai)

Analysis of DCIT vs. Thulasi Mohan Constructions Pvt. Ltd. case, where capital gains in a business slump sale were contested. Learn legal intricacies and conclusions....

No Addition for Delay in Form No. 10 Filing When Condoned by CIT(E)

Sarla Singhvi Charitable Society Vs ITO (ITAT Jodhpur)

ITAT Jodhpur's decision regarding the condonation of delay in filing Form No. 10 within the due date of ITR under Section 139 of the IT Act. No addition made....

RBI Enables Rs. 2000 Banknote Deposits via India Post & Release Deposit Application Format

Press Release: 2023-2024/1222 01/11/2023

Members of public within India can now utilize India Post services to send ₹2000 banknotes to any of the RBI Issue Offices. This allows for convenient and efficient credit to their bank accounts in India....

Equitable Application of Liquidated Damages Clauses: Lessons from DDA vs. Kailash Nath

Delve into the complexities of liquidated damages clauses in contract law, guided by the Delhi Development Authority vs. Kailash Nath case. Learn how to draft effective clauses and maintain fairness in contractual relations....

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