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SOP for processing of GST Registration application at SEVA KENDRA

F.3(486) GST/Policy/2023/721 23/06/2023

Learn about SOP for processing GST registration applications at Seva Kendra by Trade & Taxes Department in Delhi in 2023....

SEBI Circular: Trading Supported by Blocked Amount in Secondary Market

SEBI /HO /MRD/MRD-PoD-2/P/CIR/2023/99 23/06/2023

SEBI has introduced a supplementary process for trading in the secondary market, allowing blocked funds in investor's bank accounts to be used instead of transferring them upfront to the trading member. This circular outlines the framework for trading supported by blocked amounts and provides guidelines for implementation and settlement p...

RBI Circular: Status of MIFOR as a Significant Benchmark

RBI/2023-24/46 FMRD.FMSD.03/03.07.25/2023-24 23/06/2023

Read the RBI circular dated June 23, 2023, regarding the status of MIFOR as a significant benchmark. The circular highlights the cessation of MIFOR publication after June 30, 2023, and provides the updated list of significant benchmarks administered by FBIL....

Amendments to Category 5B of SCOMET List – Simplification & Liberalization of Drone Export Policy

Notification No. 14/2023 DGFT [S.O. 3152(E).] 23/06/2023

DGFT Notification No. 14/2023, has introduced amendments to Category 5B of Appendix 3 (SCOMET Items) to Schedule 2 of the ITCHS classification. The amendments simplify and liberalize the SCOMET policy for the export of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The notification provides details on the revised categories, including exempt...

Amendments to Category 5B of SCOMET List – General Authorization for Export of Drones (GAED)

Public Notice No. 19/2023 - DGFT, [F. No. 01/77/180/09/AM22/EC(S).] 23/06/2023

DGFT issued a public notice, Public Notice No. 19/2023-DGFT, announcing amendments to Category 5B of the Appendix 3 (SCOMET List) of the Handbook of Procedures 2023. The amendments introduce a new procedure for granting General Authorization for Export of Drones (GAED) for unmanned aerial vehicles, including drones and remotely piloted ai...

Amendment to Appendix 2T of FTP 2023 – Export Promotion Council for Medical Devices

Public Notice No. 18/2023-DGFT, [F. No. 01/93/180/01/AM-23/PC-2[B]/E-36011] 23/06/2023

DGFT has issued a public notice announcing an amendment to Appendix 2T of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2023. The amendment includes the addition of the Export Promotion Council for Medical Devices in the list of export promotion councils/commodity boards. This update enables the council to issue Registration-Cum-Membership Certificates ...

SEBI clarification on open offer obligations & exemptions – Vidli Restaurants Limited

Notification No. SEBI/HO/CFD/FoD-2/0W/P/2023/25677/1 23/06/2023

Read the interpretative letter issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in response to Vidli Restaurants Limited's request for informal guidance on Regulation 10 of the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011. The letter discusses the proposed transaction involving the transfer of shares...

A Guide to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy

A comprehensive look at the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy. Understand its scope, definition, responsibilities, complaint mechanisms, and the company's commitment to ensuring a safe work environment....

Procedure for Amnesty Scheme Application for Default in Export Obligation – Manual Mode

Policy Circular No. 02/2023-24-DGFT 23/06/2023

DGFT issued a policy circular outlining the procedure for applying for the Amnesty scheme for a one-time settlement of default in export obligation by Advance and EPCG authorization holders. In case of difficulties faced with the online application, exporters can now utilize a standalone website to submit their applications in manual mode...

Understanding Purchasing Power Parity

Introduction It is a theory that attempts to equalize the purchasing power of different currencies, allowing for a fair comparison of living standards and price levels between countries. Purchasing power parity (PPP) is a popular metric used by macroeconomic analysts that compares different countries’ currencies through a “bas...

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