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SC issues notice on Plea challenging 18% GST on Diplomat of National Board course

Association of Diplomate of National Board Doctors Vs National Medical Commission and Ors. (Supreme Court of India)

Association of Diplomate of National Board Doctors (Petitioner) has filed the current writ petition for quashing of Notification imposing of 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on fee deposited by Diplomate of National Board (DNB) students....

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Deemed Dividend Provisions applies to ICDs not related to trade

Anil Nanda Vs DCIT (ITAT Delhi)

Anil Nanda Vs DCIT (ITAT Delhi) the assessee, Shri Anil Nanda was holding substantial shareholding in both these companies, i.e., 65.6% share in M/s Joint Investment Pvt. Ltd. and 27.90% share in M/s GI Power Corporation Ltd. as on 31st July, 2007. We find, the amount of Rs.18.75 crore had been shown under the grouping […]...

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No Protection of Rent Act against Sarfaesi Proceedings to ‘Tenant in Sufferance’: SC

Hemraj Ratnakar Salian Vs HDFC Bank Ltd. & Ors. (Supreme Court)

Hemraj Ratnakar Salian Vs. HDFC Bank Ltd. & Ors. (Supreme Court) In the present case, first of all there is a serious doubt as to the bona fide of the tenant, as there is no good or sufficient evidence to establish the tenancy of the appellant. According to the appellant, he is a tenant of […]...

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GST Assessment order invalid if sufficient opportunity was not granted to petitioner

Tvl. J.F. International Vs The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Madras High Court)

Tvl. J.F. International Vs The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Madras High Court) In the instant case, the objections raised by the petitioner through their various replies, in which they have reiterated that they are ready and willing to produce books of accounts, were not considered in the impugned assessment order. But the impugned a...

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Clarification on extension of limitation under GST Law in terms of SC Order

Circular No. 10/2021-22-GST 25/08/2021

Government has issued notifications under Section 168A of the Goa GST Act, 2017, wherein the time limit for completion of various actions, by any authority or by any person, under the Goa GST Act, which falls during the specified period, has been extended up to a specific date, subject to some exceptions as specified in the said notificat...

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TDS on purchase of Goods- Section 194Q | Income Tax

In the history of income tax, it is the first time that TDS is imposed on the purchase of goods. With covering the purchase of goods under this umbrella, many transactions will be attracted by Section 194Q of the Act. Let’s find out more. Applicability The section is applicable on the satisfaction of the following […]...

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Second Substantive Ground of Appeal against an Adjustment U/s 143(1)(A)(IV)

In my previous article ‘The First Substantive Ground of Appeal against an adjustment u/s 143(1)(a)(iv)‘, the following propositions were advanced: ♦ Under the present Section 143(1) only processing of a return takes place and it is no longer an assessment. ♦ Processing of a return under Section 143(1) need not be done by t...

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Procedure for Registration under GST

Registration under GST GST registration’s process is same for normal taxpayer, composition dealer, CTP, ISD, SEZ developer, SEZ unit STEP 1 Application for registration Click on the services tab displayed on the top of homepage of website and in the services tab click on the new registration option. STEP 2 Generation of TRN Select taxpa...

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Liaison Office not liable to pay GST on Services Rendered by Head Office

In The World Economic Forum, India Liaison Office, [GST-ARA- 11/2019-20/B-50 dated August 20, 2021], the World Economic Forum, India Liaison Office (the Applicant) has sought clarification on whether the activities carried out by the Applicant’s Head Office (HO) located outside India would amount to Supply under Section 7 of the Central...

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GST applicable on R&D Activities on Goods made available by Foreign entities

In M/s. Hilti Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd. [ADVANCE RULING NO. GUJ/GAAR/R/26/2021 dated July 09, 2021], M/s. Hilti Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd ( Applicant) has sought a clarification on the liability to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Research and Development (R&D) Sciences on goods physically made available by foreign entities....

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