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GST Compliances in Case of GTA

Background of levying tax on the services of Goods Transport Agency The levy of Service Tax on Road Transportation Service has always been a debatable issue. The Finance Act, 1997 and 2004 had levied Service Tax on Goods Transport Operators (Transport of Goods by road) w.e.f. 16-11-1997 and 10-09-2004 respectively, which was subsequentl...

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GST Series Part 9 – Eligibility & Conditions for taking ITC | Section 16 | CGST Act

GST Series Part 9 – Eligibility & Conditions for taking Input Tax Credit (ITC) under Section 16 of CGST Act, 2017 Section 16 is one of the most important sections for the Input Tax Credit (ITC) it provides the ITC eligibility and conditions for smooth sailing of business. It is the first test for moving […]...

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Mere bald assertions by AO in reasons for reopening would confer valid jurisdiction to AO to Reopen?

Each aspect of Section 147 has been a subject matter of careful scrutiny by the court of law. One such main issue is with respect to the validity of the assumption of jurisdiction by the AO to reopen the assessment beyond four years, merely by making a Bald Assertion in the reasons as to the failure of the Assessee to disclose fully and t...

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Salaried individuals to brace up for new questions from tax authorities in tax returns

Salaried individuals to brace up for new questions from tax authorities in their tax returns Are you salaried individual earning below INR 50 lakhs per annum filing the simple ITR-1? Still get ready to answer the new questions that the tax authorities would seek from you for this year onwards. The income tax department yesterday […...

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First Time Dual Income Tax Rates For Individuals in Income Tax

Every time the Finance Minister makes the changes in the Income Tax at the time of presentation of annual budget proposals. This year a historical change is announced by the Finance Minister along with the various provisions that keep changing in the Budget, 2020. A new section (Section 115BAC) is added in the Income Tax […]...

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Tax on Digital Companies in India & Scope of Equalisation Levy

Taxation On Digital Companies In India And Scope Of Equalisation Levy After the liberalisation, territorial boundaries were no longer a restriction for businesses and enterprises, so an international market for various kinds of products and services emerged. Businesses have come ahead in the economic sphere to carry out trade activities a...

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Corporate Regulatory Updates May 2020

Covid 19 cases in India are inching closer to 2 Lakh cases. The Hon’ble PM has made announcement on May 12, 2020 of the special economic package of Rs. 20 lakh Crores (~USD 267 billion) i.e. approximately 10% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the call for building a self-reliant (Atmanirbhar Bharat) India., with […]...

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Govt imposes anti-dumping duty on Electronic Calculators

Notification No. 12/2020–Customs (ADD) [G.S.R. 345 (E)] 03/06/2020

Notification No. 12/2020–Customs (ADD)– Seeks to impose anti-dumping duty on ‘Electronic Calculators of all types [excluding calculators with attached printers, commonly referred to as printing calculators, calculators with ability to plot charts and graphs, commonly referred to as graphing calculators and programmable calcu...

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Govt extends anti-dumping duty on ‘Hot Rolled Flat Products of Stainless Steel of ASTM Grade 304

Notification No. 11/2020-Customs (ADD) 03/06/2020

Notification No. 11/2020 -Customs (ADD)- Seeks to amend No. 28/2015-Customs (ADD), dated the 5th June, 2015 so as to extend anti-dumping duty on ‘Hot Rolled Flat Products of Stainless Steel of ASTM Grade 304 with all its variants as per the detailed description hereunder’ originating in or exported from People’s Republic of China, M...

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Guidance on applicability of SS-1 and SS-2

Clarification/ Guidance on applicability of Secretarial Standards on Meetings of the Board of Directors (SS-1) and General Meetings (SS-2). As you are aware, Section 118(10) of the Companies Act, 2013 provides for mandatory observance of SS-1 and SS-2 by all companies....

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