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Join 4 day Certification Course on GST by MSME (Register Now)

JOIN GST Practitioner Advanced Certified Training course of Ministry of M.S.M.E. at Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Agra, Cochin, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, New Delhi, Trichy, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Indore in July and August 2019 starting from 13th July 2019. BROCHURE FOR GST PRACTITIONER ADVANCED CERTIFIED TRAINING O...

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Amendments in IGST Act, 2017 vide Budget 2019

AMENDMENTS IN THE IGST ACT, 2017 VIDE BUDGET 2019 A new section 17A is being inserted in the IGST Act so as to bring into the Act, provisions for transfer of amount between Centre and States consequential to amendment in section 49 of the CGST Act allowing transfer of an amount from one head to […]...

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Recovery of tax in pursuance of agreements with foreign countries

Rationalisation of provision relating recovery of tax in pursuance of agreements with foreign countries The existing provisions of section 228A of the Act provide inter alia that where an agreement is entered into by the Central Government with the Government of any foreign country for recovery of income-tax under the Income-tax Act and t...

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Rationalisation of provisions relating to claim of Income tax refund

The existing provisions of section 239 of the Act provide inter alia that every claim of refund under Chapter XIX of the Act shall be made in the prescribed form and verified in the prescribed manner. In order to simplify the procedure for claim of refund, it is proposed to amend the said section so […]...

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Tax on income distributed to shareholder in case of listed companies

Section 115QA of the Act provides for the levy of additional Income-tax at the rate of twenty per cent. of the distributed income on account of buy-back of unlisted shares by the company. As additional income-tax has been levied at the level of company, the consequential income arising in the hands of shareholders has been […]...

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New Grounds for Cancellation of registration of Trust – Budget 2019

Section 12AA of the Act prescribes for manner of grating registration in case of trust or institution for the purpose of availing exemption in respect of its income under section 11 of the Act, subject to conditions contained under sections 11, 12, 12AA and 13. Section 12AA also provides for manner of cancellation of said […]...

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Demerger of Ind-AS compliant companies- Requirement of recording property & liabilities at book value relaxed

One of the existing conditions for tax-neutral demergers is that the resulting company should record the property and the liabilities of the undertaking at the value appearing in the books of accounts of the demerged company. It has been represented that Indian Accounting Standards (Ind-AS) compliant companies are required to record the p...

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Section 201 & 40 provisions of payments to non-residents relaxed

Budget 2019: Relaxing provisions of sections 201 and 40 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in case of payments to non-residents Section 201 of the Act provides that where any person, including the principal officer of a company or an employer (hereinafter called ‘the deductor’), who is required to deduct tax at source on any […]...

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Section 54G exemption on Capital gain on sale of godown situated in an urban area and relocated to non-urban area

PCIT Vs Standard Fireworks (P) Ltd. (Madras High Court)

Where capital gain arising from transfer of capital asset, being machinery or plant or land or building used for the purposes of business of an industrial undertaking situated in an urban area effected in the course of or in consequence of the shifting of such industrial undertaking to any area other than an urban area, assessee was entit...

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Power of AO in respect of modified return of income filed as per APA

Budget 2019: Clarification with regard to power of Assessing Officer in respect of modified return of income filed in pursuance to signing of Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Section 92CC of the Act empowers the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to enter into an APA, with the approval of the Central Government, with any person […...

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