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Levy not specified in SCN cannot be levied by Settlement Commission

M/s. Pravin Tex Pvt. Ltd. Vs The Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission (Madras High Court)

This is an appeal preferred against the judgement of the learned Single Judge, dated 12.09.2016. 2. By virtue of the said judgement, the learned Single Judge disposed of a batch of writ petitions, which included, the writ petition filed by the appellant, before us....

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Income tax withheld abroad in respect of which no foreign tax credit is admissible, cannot be allowed U/s. 37(1)

Dy. Commissioner of Income Tax Vs Elite core Technologies Private Limited (ITAT Ahemdabad)

These cross appeals are directed against the order dated 29th December 2015 passed by the CIT(A) in the matter of assessment under section 143(3) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for the assessment year 2012-13. Both of these appeals are being disposed of, as a matter of convenience, by this consolidated order....

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Loss on money lent as share capital by finance company is ‘Revenue’ loss

The Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax Vs Industrial Finance Corporation of India LTD. (Delhi High Court)

Where monies were advanced through the mechanism of equity participation, the intention of the lender – in the present case, the assessee, was to derive income rather than to increase its investment on the capital Such being the case, if there were profits, with the assessee/lender from the investment, it would properly lie in the Reven...

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Salary to partners as per deed and Income Tax Act cannot be disallowed

DCIT Vs M/s. Eurotex Chemicals (ITAT Ahemdabad)

Salary to the partner is being regulated by the provisions of section 40(b) of the Income Tax Act. It is to be paid in accordance with the provision stipulated in the deed which should be in commensurate with the provisions of section 40(b) of the Income Tax Act. On such salary payment, provisions of section 40 A(2) cannot be invoked....

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Handle Cash With Special Tax Care

Finance Act, 2017, preceded by demonetization, has proved to be a night-mare for businesspersons especially those of Tiny and SME Sector. Now, there are a number of disincentives in shape of taxes alongwith penalties, which have to be known by every businessman and layman while conducting day to day cash dealings....

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ITAT on Commencement of Business of Metro Rail Project

M/s. Hyderabad Metro Rail Vs Dy. Commissioner of Income Tax (ITAT Hyderabad)

Assessee has taken all the necessary steps to facilitate the building of Metro Rail System. Since the assessee has taken steps in furtherance of its main objects, it cannot be stated that the assessee has not commenced its business....

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No HRA Exemption on non genuine Rent Paid to Mother

Mrs. Meena Vaswani Vs ACIT (ITAT Mumbai)

Assessee had claimed deduction u/s 10(13A) of 1961 Act which is a wrong claim as no rent was paid by the assessee and the said alleged rent of Rs. 31,500/- per month being paid to mother was shown only to take exemption of HRA u/s 10(13A) of 1961 Act. ...

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Various forms in assessment and audit (under GST)

The draft GST rule of Assessement and Audit under GST has notified by CBEC recently, the details of various forms in assessment and audits are hereunder...

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Revised Form No. 3CD Tax Audit Report as applicable from 01.04.2017

Nowadays on Social Media a Revised Format of Form 3D is circulating which is applicable from 01.04.2017 and few raised the query that when the same was released as there is no recent notification on the same. In this respect we would like to brought to your notice that the from 3D  as applicable from […]...

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How to Disclose Demonetised / SBN / Old notes in Audit Report with FAQs

Implementation Guide on Auditor’s Report under Rule 11(d) of Companies (Audit and Auditors) Amendment Rules, 2017 and Amendment to Schedule III to Companies Act, 2013 issued by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board...

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