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Archive: 14 April 2017

Posts in 14 April 2017

Postmortem of Union Budget 2024: A Comprehensive Webinar

July 18, 2024 5895 Views 3 comments Print

Join our webinar on July 24-25 for an in-depth analysis of Union Budget 2024. Learn about tax proposals, sector impacts, and investment insights. Register now!

Live Course on 360 degree Analysis of Input Tax Credit from a Litigation Perspective

July 18, 2024 4719 Views 0 comment Print

Join CA Sachin Jain for a live course on Input Tax Credit from a litigation perspective. Gain practical insights and master ITC complexities. Register now!

Whether non ratification of statutory auditor is removal of statutory auditor

April 14, 2017 20022 Views 1 comment Print

In this Flash editorial, the author begins by referring the provisions of Section 139 & 140 of Companies Act, 2013 relating to ratification of Auditor in every Annual General Meeting & Removal of auditor. The main thrust of the article, however, is upon the indirectly removal of Auditor through Non Ratification of Auditor

Increasing Importance of Aadhar card and its Updation

April 14, 2017 2919 Views 1 comment Print

The government of India is increasingly relying on Aadhar for all its schemes, documentation and filing of tax returns. I am sure that the day is not far when the government will have full records of ones spending, travel, investments including LIC, bank transactions, cash transactions, etc. through Aadhar linking.

Difference between Private limited company Vs LLP

April 14, 2017 134088 Views 6 comments Print

While starting up a company one has to decide which business organization they want to incorporate and carry on. The choice of business organization is very important to give shape to your business motive. Here, if one has to choose between the Private limited company registration and LLP one can see the advantages and the difference so as to choose what’s best for them.

How to be Successful in CA Practice

April 14, 2017 8193 Views 2 comments Print

So, I think the topic itself is of high appeal to all the youngsters to enter in the field of chartered accountancy for making a career in India’s supreme finance field. As a CA Student you do articleship to learn the basics of the field be it taxation or auditing.

Large cash deposits by Govt. employees & businessmen under CBDT Scanner

April 14, 2017 10365 Views 0 comment Print

The high risk categories identified include businesses claiming cash sales as the source of cash deposits which is found to be excessive compared to their past profile or industry norms; large cash deposits made by government or PSU employees; persons who have undertaken high value purchases; persons who have used shell entities for layering of funds; and where no responses were received.

Be prime facilitator for taxpayers in GST Migration: CBEC Chairman to Staff

April 14, 2017 1068 Views 0 comment Print

At this point, I urge you to take this opportunity to project our department as the prime facilitator for taxpayers in their migration to GST. This is the time to make our presence felt. Efforts made in the direction of taxpayers education and facilitation in the coming months will hold us in good stead with various stakeholders.

Advantages of GST to Citizens,Trade/ Industry & Government

April 14, 2017 23067 Views 0 comment Print

Advantages of GST to Citizens: (i) Simpler tax system (ii) Reduction in prices of goods and services due to elimination of cascading (iii) Uniform prices throughout the country (iv) Transparency in taxation system (v) Increase in employment opportunities Advantages of GST to Trade/Industry: (i) Reduction in multiplicity of taxes (ii) Mitigation of cascading/double taxation (iii) […]

CBI registers 2 cases related to Demonetization & conducts Searches

April 14, 2017 3759 Views 0 comment Print

Huge cash deposits in Specified Bank Notes (SBNs) were made during demonetization period in various newly opened Benami Accounts in Bank of Maharashtra and money was rotated between said accounts as well as to other entities and finally transferred to another account through RTGS

ICAI to take action against CA involved in money laundering

April 14, 2017 6405 Views 0 comment Print

Our attention has been drawn to the media reports regarding the raids conducted by the Enforcement Directorate on the offices of the Chartered Accountants in New Delhi, who were alleged to be involved in the money laundering and hawala like transactions through shell companies.

CBEC issues two Service Tax notification with same number

April 14, 2017 26964 Views 4 comments Print

We found two Notification on CBEC website of Same Number i.e. Notification No. Notification No. 13/2017-Service Tax. Both are dated differently and are related to different subject. While one is dated as 12th April, 2017 and other one is dated 13th April, 2017.

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