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Can the order which has attained finality be challenged later relying on a decision of any HC or SC?

CIT Vs M/s. Kultar Exports (Delhi High Court)

Reliance in this regard can be placed on the decision of Hon’ble Delhi High Court in case of CIT v Kultar Exports [TS-315-HC-2014(DEL)] pronounced on 23-05-2014 wherein the assessee has claimed deduction for the AY 2001-04 under Section 80HHC which provides deduction to the exporters....

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Form 15CA and Form 15CB when remittance is not taxable

Form 15CA is a Declaration of Remitter and is used as a tool for collecting information in respect of payments which are chargeable to tax in the hands of recipient non-resident. This is starting of an effective Information Processing System which may be utilized by the Income tax Department to independently track the foreign remittances ...

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Services provided to Foreign Principals for marketing their products in India qualify as an export of service

Whether the Business Auxiliary Services provided to Foreign Principals for marketing their products in India qualify as an export of services under the erstwhile Export of Service Rules, 2005? ...

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Foreign company deemed to have PE in India, If few places in India were at disposal of its employees

Renoir Consulting Ltd. Vs DCIT -International Taxation (ITAT Mumbai)

CIT (Appeals) has inferred of the hotel/s, where the assessee's employees stayed, as also serving as their work place. The communications between them and the head office, which is again a part of their work, has again admittedly been carried out in India and, as stated...

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Exemption u/s 10(23C) cannot be denied for generation of incidental surplus by educational institution

Council For The Indian School, Certificate Examinations Vs DGIT (Delhi High Court)

The assesse would be entitled to the approval under section 10(23C)(vi) of the Act, however if it was found that the funds of the assesse had not been utilized for its objects during the relevant year or had otherwise not complied with the provisos to the Section 10(23C) of the Act...

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