"19 April 1996" Archive

Discharge of Export Obligation under DES/ EPCG Scheme – Licensing authority to be monitoring agency

Circular No. 24/96-Custom Duty (19/04/1996)

Attention is invited to Ministry's Circular No. 131/95 dated the 20th December, 1995 clarifying the scope of certain amendments to notifications issued under DEEC and EPCG Scheme particularly for discharge waiver of Bond to be executed with the Customs Authority. The DGFT have observed that the Circular militates ...

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Conversion of DEEC Shipping Bill to Pass Books Shipping Bills – Procedure of

Circular No. 22/96-Custom Duty (19/04/1996)

Directorate General, Foreign Trade had permitted conversion of S/ Bills filed under Duty Exemption Scheme to Pass Book Scheme subject to conditions specified in their Circular No. 21/95 dated 4th October, 1995. The said circular permits conversion of only those Shipping Bills which were filed on or after 30th May, 1995, the date on which ...

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Circular No. 198/32/96-CX Dated 19/4/1996

Circular No. 198/32/96-CX (19/04/1996)

Circular No. 198/32/96-CX It has been brought to the notice the Board that some commissionerates are not allowing exemption to double or multiple-fold yarn, if used in the manufacture of embroidered fabrics in terms of Sl. No. 1 of Notification No. 35/95 dated 16.3.95 on the ground that such embroidery yarn is not being used in "the manu...

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