"09 August 1995" Archive

Project Imports -Cash security deposit lowered to 2% from 5%

Circular No. 89/95-Custom Duty (09/08/1995)

I am directed to refer Board's letter F.No. 521 / 192/ 90-Cus.(TU) dated 9.1.1992 advising Customs Houses / Collect orates to take cash security equivalent to 5% of C.I.F. value of goods, at the time or registration of Project Contract under Project Import Regulations, 1986, An exception was, however, made in the case of imports by the Go...

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Circular No. 716-Income Tax Dated 9-8-1995

Circular No. 716-Income Tax (09/08/1995)

Circular No. 716-Income Tax The Finance Act, 1995, has enlarged the ambit of deduction of tax at source by amending sections 194A and 194C of the Income-tax Act, 1961, and by inserting sections 194J and 194K in the Act. As a result of these changes, deduction of tax at source is also required to be made from...

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