"24 April 1980" Archive

Notification No. S.O.1831-Income Tax, Dated: 24.04.1980

Notification No. S.O.1831-Income Tax (24/04/1980)

It is hereby notified for general information that the approval given under section 35(1)(ii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, to the Indian Institute of Plant Engineers, Madras, by notification No. 1427 dated 6-8-1976 is withdrawn with effect from 1-1-1980 on the recommendation of the prescribed authority, the Secretary, Department of Scienc...

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Circular No. 267-Income Tax dated 24-4-1980

Circular No. 267-Income Tax (24/04/1980)

Circular No. 267-Income Tax I am to invite your attention to this Office Letter No...........regarding deduction of income-tax and surcharge from inter­est on Government securities during the financial year 1979-80....

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Circular No. 266-Income Tax dated 24-4-1980

Circular No. 266-Income Tax (24/04/1980)

Circular No. 266-Income Tax I am directed to invite a reference to this Ministry’s (Department of Revenue) Circular No. 252 [F. No. 275/16/79/-IT(B], dated 26-4-1979/10-5-1979 on the subject of deduction of income-tax from salaries paid during the year 1979-80....

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