"19 June 1972" Archive

Circular No. 87-Income Tax dated 19-6-1972

Circular No. 87-Income Tax (19/06/1972)

Circular No. 87-Income Tax I am directed to invite a reference to the Board’s Circular No. 71 [F.No. 245/25/ 71-A & PAC], dated 26-3-1972 and to say that the CBDT have passed a revised order of date in supersession of their earlier order dated 28-2-1972, a copy of which was sent with the Board’s above-noted Circular dated 26-3-1972. ...

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Circular No. 88-Income Tax dated 19-6-1972

Circular No. 88-Income Tax (19/06/1972)

Circular No. 88-Income Tax I am directed to inform you that the Board have decided to extend the time for furnishing voluntary returns of income and net wealth for the assessment year 1972-73 till July 31, 1972, in cases where such returns are due before that date. A copy of the Press Note dated 19-6-1972 [printed here as Annex] issued ...

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