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Various types of supply under GST- Decoding Definitions (Part II)

June 5, 2020 84696 Views 0 comment Print

Introduction The definition of the ‘chargeable event’ in Tax laws is the most important point of litigation, as it determines whether a transaction would attract levy of taxes in the first place, even though all the other requirements are met. Having briefly understood what constitutes ‘Supply’ from Part I of this Article, in the following […]

Decoding Definition Sections in GST (Part I)

June 5, 2020 9549 Views 0 comment Print

Introduction The Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 as a concept is a destination-oriented tax law. It brought about major reforms in the Indirect Tax regime and it seeks to align the same with internationally accepted principles. The various concepts which are defined and used in the Acts i.e., both the CGST Act and IGST […]

Understanding Input Tax Credit: Pre & Post GST

May 21, 2020 8037 Views 0 comment Print

Input Tax Credit is one of the most significant features of the GST Regime which provides a solution to avoid payment of ‘tax on tax’ also known as cascading of taxes. As the entire supply chain is subject to the same tax, tax paid at every stage would be available for set off for payment of tax at successive stage.

Value of Supply: Ascertaining ‘Value’ on which GST is calculated

May 7, 2020 3414 Views 0 comment Print

Supply & Value of Supply The event which attracts the levy of ‘tax’ is called the taxable event and in GST, the taxable event is ‘Supply.’ The scope of this Supply has been defined under section 7 of the  CGST Act. s.15 determines the ‘Value of taxable supply’ of goods or services or both, to […]

Arrest under GST Regime: Nature, Scope & Extent of Cognizance

April 4, 2020 10575 Views 0 comment Print

This article discusses in detail, the concept of ‘Arrest’ under GST by analyzing its key provisions, procedure, nature of cognizable and non cognizable offences, bail and anticipatory bail and compounding of offences with landmark cases pertaining to the same. Introduction The explicit powers to arrest a person was granted from the very beginning to the […]

Principles of Natural Justice & Adjudicating Authority Under GST

April 4, 2020 31998 Views 2 comments Print

This article aims to analyse the various provisions under GST of an Adjudicating Authority including its meaning and role under the act. The article also elaborates upon the essential elements of the principle of natural justice and judicial discipline along with the time and monetary limits for adjudication.

Non Taxable Supply vis a vis Activities not taxable as Supply

April 4, 2020 14934 Views 0 comment Print

This article aims to analyse the concepts of exempt supply and non-taxable supply by understanding the application in relevant sections and the primary differences between non taxable supply vis a vis activities not taxable as supply.

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