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UAE Small Business Relief- A Deep Dive

April 10, 2023 2262 Views 0 comment Print

Small Business Relief is intended to support start-ups and other small or micro businesses by reducing their Corporate Tax burden and compliance costs. The Ministerial Decision on Small Business Relief specifies the revenue threshold and conditions for a taxable person to elect for Small Business Relief and clarifies the provisions of the carried forward Tax Losses and disallowed Net Interest Expenditure under the Small Business Relief scheme.

Decoding UAE Corporate Tax Law: Comprehensive Analysis

March 31, 2023 3750 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the comprehensive analysis of UAE Corporate Tax Law, article by article. Understand definitions, imposition rates, exemptions, taxable persons, and more for effective compliance.

Analogy between UN, OECD Model Tax Convention and Indian Tax Treaties

March 18, 2023 1821 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the differences between the UN and OECD Model Tax Conventions and their application in Indian tax treaties. Dive into article-by-article comparisons and India’s unique tax treaty policies.

UAE Transfer Pricing Regulations

March 18, 2023 6354 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the intricacies of Transfer Pricing regulations in the UAE with an overview of the CT Law, including the Arm’s Length Principle, Related Parties, Payments to Connected Persons, and Transfer Pricing Documentation requirements.

UAE Corporate Tax Simplified

March 18, 2023 1965 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the UAE corporate tax landscape, including taxable persons, tax rates, residency criteria, free zone taxation, and small business relief. Understand the intricacies of calculating taxable income and the concept of small business relief for simplified compliance.

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