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ITC – GSTR 2A Vs. Books of Accounts – The Winner is……..

November 7, 2021 28317 Views 3 comments Print

Since 9th October 2019, a fight has been going on between GSTR 2A introduced by the GST Authorities and the Books of Accounts kept by the assessees. Finally, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has declared Books of Accounts as the winners, vide its judgement in Civil Appeal No. S.L.P. (C) No. 8654 of 2020, declared on 28th October […]

Allow Input Tax Credit due to Recipients by way of belated filing of GSTR 1

September 16, 2021 17868 Views 7 comments Print

It is prayed that suitable amendments may be made in the GST Act and Rules, so that the Input Tax Credit due to the Recipients by way of belated filing the GSTR 1, as per the Amnesty Scheme, is made available to them and thus those tax-payers who opted the Amnesty Scheme, are saved from the unaffordable and unbearable financial loss, and hence further failure in complying with the provisions of the GST Act.

Denial of Input Tax Credit under GST

September 5, 2021 11802 Views 1 comment Print

On going through the amendments to the GST Act and GST Rules that have been brought in during the last 50 months, since the inception of GST in the country, one may feel that ardent research is going on regarding curtailment of Input Tax Credit to the recipients and NOT on methods of recovery of […]

GST: Inadequacy of GSTR 2A as a ‘Communication’

September 1, 2021 9885 Views 1 comment Print

This Article is to enquire whether a report by way of GSTR 2A, made available to the recipient, through the GST Portal will satisfy the condition of ‘communication’.

Seamless Flow of Input Tax Credit in letter and Seamless Block of Input Tax Credit in Practice

May 21, 2021 2076 Views 1 comment Print

Seamless Flow of Input Tax Credit (ITC) in letter and Seamless Block of Input Tax Credit in Practice The Executive Summary (Report of Task Force on Implementation of GST dated 30th December 2009, paragraph 2.16 reads as follows: vii. The Computation of the CGST and SGST liability should be based on the invoice credit method i.e., […]

E-way Bill – Value of Individual Bill or Aggregate of Bills- HC judgment Analysis

February 16, 2021 7599 Views 3 comments Print

An analysis on the Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in the case of Bon Cargos Private Limited Vs Assistant State Tax Officer, W.A. No. 1735/2020 and 1736/2020 Dated 21/12/2020 on the issue of Value of Invoice for E-Way bill. The general impression on this judgment is one to the effect that “E-Way […]

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