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Anti-dumping duty on Imports of Potassium Carbonate

Notification No. 40/2015-Customs (ADD) 12/08/2015

NOTIFICATION NO. 40/2015-Cus.,(ADD), Dated: August 12, 2015 Seeks to impose anti-dumping duty on the imports of Potassium Carbonate, originating in or exported from Taiwan and Korea RP for a period of five years...

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Anti-dumping duty on imports of Flax or Linen Fabric

Notification No. 39/2015-Customs (ADD) [G.S.R. 624 (E)] 12/08/2015

NOTIFICATION NO. 39/2015-Cus.,(ADD), Dated- 12th August, 2015 Seeks to levy definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of Flax or Linen Fabric having flax content of more than 50% , originating in or exported from the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong for a period of five years....

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Govt increase BCD on certain iron and steel products

Notification No. 45/2015-Customs 12/08/2015

NOTIFICATION NO. 45/2015-Customs, Dated: August 12, 2015 (i) for serial number 329A and the entries relating thereto, the following serial number and the entries shall be substituted, namely:-...

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Strengthening National Accounting Firms is the Need of Hour

15th August is approaching fast and feelings of patriotism shall be at its peak among us. Patriotism is the great and a selfless passion of love for one’s country. To an Indian patriot his mother and motherland are superior even to heaven. An Indian Patriot has been ever ready to lay down his life in the service of his country, India. ...

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Voluntarily surrender of income can’t escape penalty if assessee deliberately not shown unaccounted income in return

DCIT Vs M/s Sunrise Stock Services P.Ltd. (ITAT Chandigarh)

In the case of DCIT Vs. M/s Sunrise Stock Services P.Ltd. Chandigarh bench of ITAT reversed the order of CIT (A) who deleted the penalty made on estimation basis. It was allegation of AO that assessee voluntarily surrendered the addition and statement of the director was recorded....

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Pollution and Its Effects

Any contamination of the resources, natural or artificial, can be called as pollution. There were no such issues in the ancient times when the man was content with what he had, and he relied on the natural resources. With the advent of technology and owing to the population growth and civilization...

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