"17 August 1999" Archive

Circular No. 479/45/99-Central Excise, Dated: 17.08.1999

Circular No. 479/45/99-Central Excise (17/08/1999)

Circular No. 479/45/99-CX Doubts have been expressed as to whether fitting of duty paid parts and components of an air-conditioner in a car amounts to manufacture of a car-air-conditioner. It is observed that generally the auto garages are involved in this type of activity wherein they acquire from market individual parts and components ...

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SEBI : Margins and expansion of trading terminals of exchanges

SMDRP/POLICY/ CIR-26/99 (17/08/1999)

SEBI had vide circular no. SMD/POLICY/5325/96 dated October 30, 1996, issued guidelines for the expansion of the trading terminals. In this regard, it was decided that expansion of the trading terminals of the regional exchanges to centres....

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S.195 TDS is deductible only on Taxable Portion

Transmission Corporation Of A.P. Ltd. And Anr. Vs. Commissioner Of Income Tax, A.P. (Supreme Court of India)

Answers given by the High Court that (i) the assessee who made the payments to the three non-residents was under obligation to deduct tax at source under Section 195 of the Act in respect of the sums paid to them under the contracts entered into; and (ii) the obligation of the respondent-assessee to deduct tax under Section 195 is limited...

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