"23 September 1986" Archive

Notification No. S.O.4028-Income Tax, Dated: 23.09.1986

Notification No. S.O.4028-Income Tax (23/09/1986)

That the said Association will apply to the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue), New Delhi, three months in advance before the expiry of the approval for further extension. Applications received after the date of expiry of approval are liable to be rejected....

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Circular No. 469-Income Tax Dated 23/9/1986

Circular No. 469-Income Tax (23/09/1986)

Circular No.469 - Income Tax 4.2 In so far as (b) above is concerned, the Members of Parliament (Additional Facilities) Rules, 1975 have been repealed and have been replaced by the Members of Parliament (Constituency Allowance) Rules, 1986, with effect from January 3, 1986, under which the Members of Parliament are entitled to a constitu...

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