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FAQ on Miscellaneous issue in TDS U/s. 193, 194, 194A, 194B, 194BB, 194D, 194E, 194EE, 194G, 194LA, 194LB, 194LC

MISCELLANEOUS ISSUES (SECTION 193, 194, 194A, 194B, 194BB, 194D, 194E, 194EE, 194G, 194LA, 194LB, 194LC) Q.1.     Whether assessee liable to deduct TDS u/s 193 on provision of interest in case payee is not identified. Ans. Explanation to section 193 cannot be invoked in a case where person who is to receive interest cannot be identifi...

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Analysis of Various Clauses Of Form 3CD

Clause 1: Name of Assessee- 1. Give name of the assessee whose accounts are being audited under section 44AB. 2. Incase of audit of a branch, the name of the branch should be stated alongwith the name of the assessee. 3. Incase of proprietary concern, Furnish name of the proprietary firm along with the name of the proprietor....

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Test to determine whether the land is Agricultural or not ?

The Gujrat HC in CIT v Siddhartha J. Desai 139 ITR 628 (Guj) (1983) has laid down the following tests for determining whether the land is agricultural or not: a) Whether, the land was classified in the revenue records as agricultural and whether it was subject to payment of land revenue? [ CIT vs. Smt. […]...

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Investment in land or sale of land after plotting –whether Business Income or Capital Gain

A transaction of purchase and sale of land cannot be assumed,without more, to be a venture in the nature of a trade. [CIT vs. Jawahar Development Association 127 ITR 431 (MP)(1 981)] The activity of an assessee in dividing the land in to plots andnot selling it as a single unit as he purchased, goes […]...

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Service Tax Reverse Charge Mechanism – Chart, Accounting Entries & issues

The Reverse Charge was introduced in Service Tax vide Budget of the year 2005-2006. At that point of time there was only one service which was covered under Reverse Charge. However, with the passage of time this list has been expanded and at present this list contains 11 services into it which covers both Reverse Charge and Partial Rever...

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All about Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013

The Finance Act, 2013 has provided Amnesty Scheme for Non Filers and Stop Filers. Purpose of this scheme -To encourage voluntary compliance and broaden the taxbase. Section 94 to 104 of Chapter VI of Finance Act, 2013 provides legal backing to this Amnesty Scheme....

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Free eBook on Audit, Inspection & Enforcement (Delhi Value Added Tax Act, 2004)

Free eBook on Audit, Inspection & Enforcement under Delhi Value Added Tax, 2004. This Book deals with Section 58 to 65 (amended upto 18-06-2012) of DVAT Act, 2004 read with Rules 22, 23, 41, 43 and 46 of DVAT Rules, 2005. These give power to the department for proper enforcement of the Act, audit of the accounts of the dealer, inspection ...

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Free eBook on Practical Aspects of Tax Audit, TDS, HUF & Capital Gains

eBook covers various complex topics such as Tax Audit, TDS, HUF and Capital Gains. Book provides brief analysis of various complex issues falling under the above mentioned topics duly supported by latest relevant judicial pronouncements and provisions of law. ...

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Download eBook on Income Tax Survey, Search & Seizure

In eBook on Survey, Search & Seizure under Income Tax Act, 1961 author has made every effort to compile all the latest developments in the field of Survey, Search & Seizure, which includes the prevalent law, its analysis, gist of significant judicial pronouncements of various courts, Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs), Performa’s of Panch...

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Download E-Book on Taxation of Charitable Trust

Meaning of Charitable Purpose - Section 2(15). Income from Property held for Charitable Religious Purpose - Section 11. Capital Gains deemed to be Applied for Charitable /Religious Purpose - Section 11(1A). Consequences if Income not applied for Specific Purpose - Section 11(1B). Exemption if Income accumulated for Specific Purpose - Sect...

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