ICAI vide representation made to CBDT has requested to to grant extension for filing of Income Tax Return for A.Y. 2015-16 up to 30th September in case of Individual and HUF and up to 31st  December in case of Companies. It also requested to consequential extension in due date of filing Tax Audit Report to 31.12.2015.

It seems ICAI has made some factual mistakes in its representation as in Last Para of First Page of representation ICAI talks about Tax Audit of Firms  and Companies only while as a matter of Fact even Individual , HUF, Trusts may be covered under Tax Audit Provisions for which ICAI has not asked for any extension of due date for filing Tax Audit Report.

Further It seems ICAI is under the impression that e-filing utility of ITR-4 which is required for e-Filing of Income Tax Return  of Individual and HUF who are having business Income and are covered under Tax Audit Provisions is released but as a matter of fact the same is not yet been released.

Till Now CBDT has released e-filing utility only in respect of following ITR Forms

In view of the above ICAI should think of making revised representation to CBDT to avoid hard ship to Individual , HUFs and other Assessees who are covered under Tax Audit Provisions.

Copy of letter written to CBDT by ICAI is as follows :-


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0 responses to “ICAI request due date extension of ITR Filing for A.Y. 2015-16”

  1. praveen singh says:

    MCA again extended the last date of filing of Annual Forms.

    This is because of the peak filing of Annual forms by stakeholder in this week.

    They do not utilize the extended 30 days given by MCA earlier.


    Respected sir

    it is very clear that the Department is already announced that the time will not be extended but now the decision will be very much re considerable for the following ground :

    1. this year all the forms are published in late. as the forms are published late the audit work also delayed

    2. so many complications and extra compliance are generated from every sector of such as tds, vat, p tax etc all are co related and one professional must have to comply all

    3. java version are compatible with old system such as xp and jre 7 update 51 or 55 but no java is compatible with new windows system. If some how update is activated the full system has collapsed

    4 some time system server is very slow, repeatedly disconnected

    5 in this year so many natural disaster was happened. please we should have to consider

    6. at the eleventh hour any kind of physical or mental illness may occur if there is unexpected hurry and anxiety exists and any professional is not a machine so please consider

  3. Kalpesh Shukla says:

    There should be a bell ringing protesting demonstration against all the Income Tax Offices, for the issue. Govt. is being held into the hands of the Officers who have never even filed their personal ITR by there own so they don’t understand the HARDSHIP we are facing for the filling of ITR’s Electronically, where too for the AY 2015-16 each and every schema provided for different ITRS are having their own Validation criteria. As well as what a professional can do either to Do Audit or to File ITR, and the rule is First you get the Audit Report to file down the ITR, so all things are inter mingled without TAR there Cant Be ITR. This common thing is not coming into the minds of CBDT Officials.

  4. SourabhBajpai says:

    My uncle was suffering from heart attack since more then 1 month. My CA who is doing my work is suffering from pilea could not be able to file my return. Considering all this it us requested to extend the date at least by further 1 month.


    Due date for filing of tax audit be extended for 15th October, 2015 as the forms ITR-3, ITR-4 and ITR-5 notified and available for filing w.e.f. 07.08.2015 and the professional were busy to file the return those are not auditable

  6. AMOL SOMALWAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please extend due date upto 30th Nov. 2015…

  7. Rekha Jain says:

    Resepected Sir / Madam

    i am a little wholesale businessman in Delhi My Charted Accountant suffring from Dengu and addmitted in Hospital. Now i have no clue to what to do because my return in under ax Audit returns. so kindly request you please extend date atleast 15 day so my charted accountant take the time to recover. please obliged us.

  8. Namdeo Bhor says:

    Irequest to extend due date for tax audit return upto 31/10/2015.

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