ICAI vide representation made to CBDT has requested to to grant extension for filing of Income Tax Return for A.Y. 2015-16 up to 30th September in case of Individual and HUF and up to 31st  December in case of Companies. It also requested to consequential extension in due date of filing Tax Audit Report to 31.12.2015.

It seems ICAI has made some factual mistakes in its representation as in Last Para of First Page of representation ICAI talks about Tax Audit of Firms  and Companies only while as a matter of Fact even Individual , HUF, Trusts may be covered under Tax Audit Provisions for which ICAI has not asked for any extension of due date for filing Tax Audit Report.

Further It seems ICAI is under the impression that e-filing utility of ITR-4 which is required for e-Filing of Income Tax Return  of Individual and HUF who are having business Income and are covered under Tax Audit Provisions is released but as a matter of fact the same is not yet been released.

Till Now CBDT has released e-filing utility only in respect of following ITR Forms

In view of the above ICAI should think of making revised representation to CBDT to avoid hard ship to Individual , HUFs and other Assessees who are covered under Tax Audit Provisions.

Copy of letter written to CBDT by ICAI is as follows :-


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0 responses to “ICAI request due date extension of ITR Filing for A.Y. 2015-16”

  1. praveen singh says:

    MCA again extended the last date of filing of Annual Forms.

    This is because of the peak filing of Annual forms by stakeholder in this week.

    They do not utilize the extended 30 days given by MCA earlier.


    Respected sir

    it is very clear that the Department is already announced that the time will not be extended but now the decision will be very much re considerable for the following ground :

    1. this year all the forms are published in late. as the forms are published late the audit work also delayed

    2. so many complications and extra compliance are generated from every sector of such as tds, vat, p tax etc all are co related and one professional must have to comply all

    3. java version are compatible with old system such as xp and jre 7 update 51 or 55 but no java is compatible with new windows system. If some how update is activated the full system has collapsed

    4 some time system server is very slow, repeatedly disconnected

    5 in this year so many natural disaster was happened. please we should have to consider

    6. at the eleventh hour any kind of physical or mental illness may occur if there is unexpected hurry and anxiety exists and any professional is not a machine so please consider

  3. Kalpesh Shukla says:

    There should be a bell ringing protesting demonstration against all the Income Tax Offices, for the issue. Govt. is being held into the hands of the Officers who have never even filed their personal ITR by there own so they don’t understand the HARDSHIP we are facing for the filling of ITR’s Electronically, where too for the AY 2015-16 each and every schema provided for different ITRS are having their own Validation criteria. As well as what a professional can do either to Do Audit or to File ITR, and the rule is First you get the Audit Report to file down the ITR, so all things are inter mingled without TAR there Cant Be ITR. This common thing is not coming into the minds of CBDT Officials.

  4. SourabhBajpai says:

    My uncle was suffering from heart attack since more then 1 month. My CA who is doing my work is suffering from pilea could not be able to file my return. Considering all this it us requested to extend the date at least by further 1 month.


    Due date for filing of tax audit be extended for 15th October, 2015 as the forms ITR-3, ITR-4 and ITR-5 notified and available for filing w.e.f. 07.08.2015 and the professional were busy to file the return those are not auditable

  6. AMOL SOMALWAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please extend due date upto 30th Nov. 2015…

  7. Rekha Jain says:

    Resepected Sir / Madam

    i am a little wholesale businessman in Delhi My Charted Accountant suffring from Dengu and addmitted in Hospital. Now i have no clue to what to do because my return in under ax Audit returns. so kindly request you please extend date atleast 15 day so my charted accountant take the time to recover. please obliged us.

  8. Namdeo Bhor says:

    Irequest to extend due date for tax audit return upto 31/10/2015.

  9. Prakash Bhawsar says:

    please extend due date of submission of Income Tax Return & Tax Audit Report from 30/09/2015 to 31/10/2015 –

  10. Prakash Bhawsar says:

    please extend due date of submission of Income Tax Return & Tax Audit Report from 30/09/2015 to 31/10/2015

  11. varaprasad reddy says:

    dear sir

    please extend time at lease 2 month for tax audit purpose

  12. Santosh Ahuja says:

    Please extend due date for audit and IT Return at one month (30-09-15 to 31-10-15)

    Its very very necessary………….

    Do the needful & oblige.


  13. Sarvesh Kumar Pandey says:

    Dear sir/Mam’s

    Please extend the due date of return & audit for all assesse upto 31st dec -2015.

  14. vignesh says:

    Respected FM

    Kindly extend date of IT filing for Compulsory Audit to till 30.11.2015
    its very necessary

  15. PASHA says:

    Sir, extension is must because several problem like power cut in all over the country and second thing is delay issue of it forms to tax payer. But abount time the cont compromise how it is possible tell me.We need extension up to 31.10.2015 is must.

  16. Bipin Bhavsar says:

    please extend due date of submission of Income Tax Return & Tax Audit Report from 30/09/2015 to 31/10/2015 –



  18. kusum kumar says:

    please extend tax audit balance sheet


  19. Praveen Parik says:

    Due Date Extended 30/09/15 to 31-Dec-15 why time waste by CBDT/GOI/JUDICIAL CIRCLE PLS. WAKEUP

  20. ishwar sharma says:

    Please extend due date for filling of tax audit case for 30 days….

  21. Kaushal Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please extend due date of Tax Audit return filling date from 30.09.2015 to 31.12.2015 due to election of Bihar .

  22. vandita says:


    Check this link…. they keep updating this. Great effort by the Taxguru team.

  23. DINESH RATHOD says:

    Any update for Audit Date Extention..????

  24. DINESH KUMAR says:


  25. Dinesh Kumar says:

    any updates…..Regarding Tax Audit Extension

    • Dharmesh kumar jain Ajmer says:

      Extend due date for filing Audit Reprot and Returns at least 30 to 45 days as we was filing personal and small business returns till 7-9-2015 how it is possible to file 30 audit Reprot in just only 23 days. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
      extend date

  26. camaneesh k sharma says:

    the letter was very clear & meaningful & covers all assessees who are covered under tax audit , no doubt about in fact such interpretation can make much harm than benefit. when its about 30th sept it covers all assesses who are covered under audit u/s 44AB & are liable for penalty if delay occurs. we should not dilute the good effort for the cause of profession and for better services to our clients.

  27. RAMAN GOYAL says:

    Clients are not support final a audit cases how it is possible to file the return in one month. and also there are so many chances in audit report mistakes. so i requested you to please extend the date for 30sep 2015 to 31dec 2015

  28. sanjay tripathi says:




    please extend due date of submission of Income Tax Return & Tax Audit Report from 30/09/2015 to 31/10/2015

  30. sanjay tripathi says:

    why PM, FM and CBDT chairperson wants to waste time of aam public and Courts of India and not taking positive decision on Extension Of Due date by november or december all is busy with Bihar Elections and making fool to public they have no hearts.please listen our voice otherwise as public has given the powers to BJP they can take powers back in next Elections and you will see the TRailor in Bihar Elections

  31. camaneesh k sharma says:

    Govt is not getting anything by not extending the date of filing itrs & tax audit reports & in fact are adamant without any apparent reason & in fact are making business community/chartered accountants under undue pressure without their fault. the liberal attitude towards foreign institutions is of little meaning you are not liberal towards your own country honest business community.correction is need of the hour & now its the time for that before its too late.


    I request you to please extended the date from 30-09-15 to 31-10-15 & declare the date
    of extended date before 20-09-15 so that all people can manage there program & feel relex.

  33. ajit says:

    in our area (belgaum dist.) power failure is very high
    every day 8 to 10 hrs load shedding is compulsory
    so how can we work / and submit the return within 30 th sept 2015
    so extend the audit date


    dear sir,please extend the due date of filling the audit report 31st DEC 2015 due to non co-operation of the companies to the clients about the financial statement of there business.there is another problem the processing of the digital signature is very late.Specially in odisha the supply of electricity is very poor.

  35. DINESH KUMAR says:

    Dear sir Please extend due date for all assesses 31st dec -2015

  36. CA Rajesh Kothari says:

    any updates…..Regarding Tax Audit Extension

  37. Sameer Kapadia says:

    please extend due date of submission of tax audit report from 30/09/2015 to 31/10/2015

  38. prashant sharma says:

    Any Updates????

  39. P. GANESAN says:

    Please extend due date for all assesses 31st dec -2015

  40. Moosani says:

    please extend due date of submission of tax audit report from 30/09/2015 to 31/12/2015

  41. Rajesh khatari says:

    Any chances ….?for tax audit due date extension

  42. Santosh chaturvedi says:

    please extend due date of submission of tax audit report from 30/09/2015 to 31/12/2015

  43. P K Sharma says:

    Please extend due date for filling tax audit

  44. Aabid says:

    The authority should announce the extension as early as possible, because in Jammu and Kashmir most of the business establishments are still recovering from the devastated floods and also only 23 days left in due date after e filing of salaried and other individuals not covered under audit. i request all the concerned to extend the due date till 31st of December for smooth and efficiently filling of Audit Report and Income Tax Return.

  45. lokesh says:

    dear sir

    Please extend due date for all assesses 31st dec.

  46. CA.Bharat Agrawal says:

    Department took enough time to publish new ITR form, why they don’t want to give sufficient time to finalize the return which covered under audit.

    Due date without audit case 31st July
    Due date in audit case 30th September === 61 days available for audit case (1st August to 30th September)

    This year only 23 days available (8th September to 30th September).


  47. Gurvinder Singh says:

    Any reply from CBDT to ICAI about extension.

  48. Sivakumar says:

    Pls. consider our request and extend due date upto 31.12.2015.
    should announce before 05/09/2015

  49. Mr.Raghuvirsing says:

    pls extend due date becoz claints are not suported with the existing due date of tax audit return file

  50. Anil Ranka says:

    Clients are not support final a audit cases. so extending the time to filing tax audit

  51. kumar says:

    Andhrapradesh vat rules in new implemation so please extent tax audit it returns due date

  52. RAVI PODDAR says:

    Do not extend the date.
    There will be no impact of extension of due date because even after extension All CA will file returns on 31st December.
    All CA are obsessed to file their client return on last date.
    Professionalism is missing in CA professional.

  53. Vyankatesh Shankar Kadadas says:

    Respected Sir ,
    Please extend due date for all assesses 31st dec -2015 Because Clients are not supoorted

  54. Vyankatesh Shankar Kadadas says:

    Dear sir
    Please extend due date for all assesses 31st dec -2015

  55. Kunal Shah says:

    Please consider our request and extend due date up to 31-12-2015 as whole Gujarat state suffered from hardship and is continuing.

  56. ranjan says:

    The CBDT or the finance ministry should at least announce in advance rather than wait till the evening of the due dat as it causes lot of anxiety and stress to professionals and moreover the clients as such expect the returns to be filed on time irrespective of the delay caused in handing over the necessary papers.I think the CBDT or the ministry should render cooperation and support as we not only advise our clients but also assist the department in smooth collection of revenue and filing of the return.

  57. M.Sabari Giri Vasan says:

    Clients are not support final a audit cases how it is possible to file the return in one month. ICAI once again press the CBDT or atleast inform no extension

  58. sharad n landge (Tax Consultant) says:

    Dear sir
    Please extend due date for all assesses 31st dec -2015

  59. Ankit says:

    Please don’t extend the due date further


    date of e filing

    audit case in 2015

  61. CA NPm says:

    Extention should be granted in advance. CBDT has the usual procedure of granting extention on the last day at 5.00 pm. Whts good deal in it.

    Shd announce extention by 25./Aug/2015 if genuinely extending dates.

  62. Govind Lohia says:

    Dear Sir.

    We not only expect extension of filing Tax Audit returns, but also of Tax Audit Reports. As we are now filing ITRs of non audited case upto 31st August 2015, and not finding sufficient time to Conduct Tax Audit. In case of non extension of filing Tax Audit Reports, we will be in hardship and may not be able to conduct Audit Properly.

    Please consider to extend the date of filing Tax Audit reports along with Income Tax Returns.

  63. CA Shah says:

    Completely agree and support CA. M. Lakshmanan ……!

    A very valid point presented by him.

  64. vswami says:

    Thanks Admn., for the link since inserted/provided.

    On a quick glance through, as was not unexpected,the CBDT’s attention has not been drawn to the practical problems the new requirement, made a mention of in the previous post, is noted to be potent with. As such, would require to be taken up with CBDT separately,if so convinced, thought fit and agreed to by the ICAI; otherwise, with no other option left,advising/consulting professionals and taxpayers wold have to take the initiative and take suitable steps, under guidance and advice of an eminent counsel.

  65. vswami says:

    “Copy of letter written to CBDT by ICAI is as follows :-”

    So said, but not found displayed thereunder.

    To comment so as to be of use, need to know the contents that letter by ICAI to CBDT!

    Meanwhile, am left wondering whether by any chance,pointed attention of the CBDT has been drawn to the viewpoints posted elsewhere against the seemingly harmful implications of the new requirement of “LH” Registration for e’filing of , besides “TAR’, tax return by an individuals as “LR” of a deceased. If not, in one’s strong view, that must be done, at the earliest, to save honest taxpayers, particularly of advanced age, from the imminent hassle / hardships to be faced with.

  66. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    My 1st question is whether ITR 4 and other IT Forms ( revised ) has been released ? 2ndly Tax audit and company audit should be completed by September 15 ?
    Income tax return filling should be ( all categories of assesses should be December 2015.

  67. Shyam Agarwal says:

    Dear Author,

    In my view ICAI has not made any mistake in its representation. In the request letter, it has been specifically mentioned that TAX audit returns due date may be extended upto 31st Dec’2015, it means that assesses who are liable for Tax Audit can file its return upto 31st Dec’2015. Accordingly, I don’t think ICAI has made any mistake in its representation.

    Thanking You

  68. CA. M. Lakshmanan says:

    While extending the time to file the return of income the interest 234B for the period due to delay of I.T. department should be waived. Already there is a delay of four months for those who do not have business income. Though they were ready to file in April itself they were not able to file and hence if they have not paid sufficient advance tax, the interest for the period from April to July should be waived. Likewise for others the returns are not yet ready at the e-filing portal. Hence similar waiver should be given to them. Of course 234A should be naturally waived since the due date itself is extended by one month from July to August. If such an extension is given for tax audit and other cases from September to December (?) ‘234B interest’ should be waived from April to December.

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