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SEBI Compliance Checklist for High Value Debt Listed Entity

November 8, 2021 16947 Views 0 comment Print

Introduction Since September 7, 2021, there has been drastic amendments in SEBI (LODR) with the Fifth Amendment Regulations, 2021 taking it’s course and the main focus can be drawn to Regulation 15(1A) of SEBI (LODR) which reads as follows:- [The provisions of this regulation and regulation 16 to regulation 27 of this chapter shall apply […]

Authorities Under M.R.T.U. & P.U.L.P. Act, 1971 with Case Laws

July 9, 2021 29358 Views 0 comment Print

1. AUTHORITIES UNDER M.R.T.U. & P.U.L.P. ACT, 1971 Divided into Labour Court and Industrial Court which is tabulated below for seamless understanding:- Labour Court   • Constituted under Section 6 of the Act • State Government shall by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute one or more Labour Courts, having jurisdiction in such local areas […]

I did this to be alive & really alive

July 28, 2020 930 Views 0 comment Print

Life happens once and who wants it to be wasted for each one of us is a believer and a mentor and has the strength of bringing even the most minimalist change in things that surround us. Climb that valley that seems impossible now but would seem possible on its way, walk that road that […]

Postal Ballot Notice (Draft Resolution + Explanatory Statement) For Material RPT

July 18, 2020 3438 Views 0 comment Print

NOTICE OF POSTAL BALLOT [Pursuant to Section 110 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 22 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014] NOTICE is hereby given to the shareholders of ABC SERVICES LIMITED (the “Company”) that the resolutions appended below are proposed to be passed by the Shareholders through Postal Ballot (“Postal […]

Regulator’s Steps on disclosure of Impact of Covid-19 by Companies

June 3, 2020 1239 Views 0 comment Print

INTRODUCTION  With the pandemic creating a turmoil worldover what is equally important now for Businesses is to plan their steps keeping in view the range of Risks that can walk across ones path. Challenges being faced by companies is quite known to the Regulators as they seek to bring more directions in Disclosures and Transparency. […]

Investor protection and education- The Focus is on

May 31, 2020 11136 Views 0 comment Print

INTRODUCTION The purpose of enlightening us to this concept is to make an assessment of the prevailing investor protection and education regime in India. It throws light at the laws, rules, and regulations governing investor protection and education in the country and reviews the quality of their enforcement. Investor protection affects significantly the financial structure […]

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