Priyanka Bhandari
Priyanka Bhandari

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Ms. Priyanka Bhandari is part of the management team at IMC(Intuit Management Consultancy). She has vast experience is Business Consulting in the Middle East region. She spearheaded our Digital Marketing initiatives and her core expertise lies in communications management. With a Masters in Communication she is at the forefront of our Client relationship Management, Media and Marketing Division & Business Development opportunities amongst other responsibilities.
Member Since: 21 Jul 2020
Total Posts: 1
Qualification: Post Graduate
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN
Company: IMC Group (Intuit Management Consultancy)
Designation: Partner, IMC Group (Intuit Management Consultancy)

Job Experience

Partner, IMC (Intuit Management Consultancy).

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1. Tax Treaties and Investments Made Outside India
1,692 Views | 0 comment | Published: 07 Sep 2020 | Posted Under: Income Tax |
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