Mithun B. Shenoy
Mithun B. Shenoy

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Member Since: 04 Jun 2017
Total Posts: 8
Qualification: CS
Location: Kochi, Kerala, IN
Company: Kitex Garments Limited
Designation: Company Secretary & Compliance officer


M.Com, FCS, CMA (Inter)

Job Experience

ABOUT CS. MITHUN BALAGOPALA SHENOY CS. Mithun Balagopala Shenoy is a post graduate in commerce, Fellow member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India and qualified intermediate stage of Institute of Cost Accountants of India. CS. Mithun is the Company Secretary and Compliance officer of Kitex Garments Limited (listed company both in BSE & NSE). Prior to joining Kitex Garments Limited, he was with Kitex Childrenswear Limited as its Company Secretary. Earlier, he was associated with M/s. STEL Holdings Limited as Company Secretary & Compliance officer and with M/s. Harrisons Malayalam Limited, being an RPG Group listed Company. He has over 9 years of experience in setting up of compliance frameworks and executing corporate actions of the Company including legal functions. CS. Mithun is a visiting faculty of ICSI Kochi Chapter since 2014 for corporate laws, Securities laws and other theory papers. He used to conduct various sessions during Students Academic Development programme organized by the Chapter. He is also a writer in various ICSI journals and has published various write ups on concurrent topics related to the corporate world, the details of which are as follows: 1. Convergence from FII to FPI: a Novel Sunrise for Company Secretary Professionals.(published in ICSI WIRC E-newsletter (FOCUS), Mumbai) 2. NBFC-Ds: Beyond Border line of Compliances. (published in ICSI WIRC E-newsletter (FOCUS), Mumbai) 3. Managerial Personnel Appointment & Remuneration- In Light of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017 (published in ICSI WIRC E-newsletter (FOCUS), Mumbai) 4. Board’s Report – Ready Reckoner (including amendment under Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017) (published in ICSI SIRC E-newsletter, Chennai) 5. Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) – An innovative concept for real investors(published in ICSI Chartered Secretary, New Delhi in the month of Aug 2018) 6. Revamping of Corporate Governance standards – a detailed analysis under SEBI LODR amendment Regulations, 2018 (published in ICSI Chartered Secretary, New Delhi in the month of Feb 2019) 7. Superior Voting Rights - a defensive weapon (published in ICSI Chartered Secretary, New Delhi in the month of Dec 2019) CS. Mithun was inducted into the Managing Committee of ICSI Kochi Chapter in the year 2015. Since then, he was the Secretary of ICSI Kochi Chapter for the Year 2016, 2017 & 2018 and Vice Chairperson in the year 2019.

Mithun B. Shenoy 's Posts

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