pri Time to say Thank You & Respect Small Taxpayers from Business Sector Time to say Thank You & Respect Small Taxpayers from Business Sector


The Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi

Request to recognise the Small Taxpayers for VYAPARI SAMMAN & a time to say THANK YOU, TAXPAYER

Respect Sir,

The stimulators to the tune of Rs 20 Lacks Crores were already announced by you. No stimulators are possible without any contribution by the Taxpayers in the last. Every year Taxpayer contributes to National Exchequer and in return, the taxpayer received overall development of the nation and above all security of the nation and peer citizens. This is a Give and Take Relationship between the two. We trust you and we are hopeful that the 20L CR stimulators will have a positive effect in the economy of the country.

You are already going with the unmatchable stimulators of such an amount. As many as 100 million Indian may be benefitted with the stimulus from the government. However, a section of Tax Payers who are contributing as per given laws on this soil and they are not having any such fixed income like Salary or Interest income , those taxpayers are standing at the crossroad. There should be some relief to help such people during the coronavirus pandemic and boost the economy.

Who are these people; they are those who are paying the taxes. They are traders; small entrepreneur, Hotelier, Manufacturers, professionals and they are called by a name VYAPARI. This is the time to say thanks to them and to award them with VYAPARI SAMMAN. This is the time when the Pandemic has already collapsed the economy, The Government should say THANK YOU, TAXPAYER, for their contribution to tax kitty. These Vyapari need your direct assistance based on their tax payments in the last three years. This is a time to give back to them @ 30% of the average tax payment made by them in the last three years. The income tax department should give taxpayers who have lost their businesses regardless of their tax bracket. This is simple mathematics. The amount paid to them may also be recovered after two/three years through a very simple exercise by CPC. Such a scheme would not only be justifiable from an equity perspective since it was originally their money, but it would also address the pet peeve of India’s taxpayers that they get soaked by the State without much in return. The advantage of this over other giveaways is that the support provided would be proportionate to the recipient’s former tax paying. It would also be easy to implement. The fiscal cost of this exercise is unlikely to be high, and since a mechanism already exists for tax refunds and delayed payments, cash transfers can be made swiftly, too. It’s the least the Centre can do. People do need money to carry on their normal business transactions and hopefully, this money will again come back to the government in the same fiscal by way of taxes on the current income.

You are already going through the Kisan Samman so this action of VYAPARI SAMMAN will boost the morale of the small trader and manufacturer. This is the time to pay back to those who feeder the National Exchequer without any expectation. Though there is no provision in the law requiring repayment of tax payment in the extraordinary situation many extraordinary decisions should be there.

This is a time to give back to them @ 30% of the average tax payment made by them in the last three years. For this, it’s just clicking of few buttons as all the information related to tax paid by individuals under the head business and profession is with the CPC along with their bank accounts. It will only take a few minutes to execute it after the necessary instructions to pass the relief to the beneficiaries. I am optimistic, that you will take this request in right stride and make Traders and Small manufacturers the COVID-19 crisis sail through smoothly.

Thanking you in anticipation,

CA Amresh Vashisht, Merut

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