If you are filing online your Income Tax return, the paper copy of the ‘ITRV’ should only be sent through “speed post” to the Central Processing Centre (CPC) of the department in Bengaluru.

ITR-V or ‘Income Tax Return Verification’ form is issued as an acknowledgement to returns filed online.

You can check the status of ITR-V or ‘Income Tax Return Verification’ form at the following link :-

Know status of ITR-V / Income Tax Return Filed online

You can check the Guidelines for Submission of ITR-V at the following link :-

Dos and Don’ts for printing & submitting of ITR-V

Merely because ITR-V sent to CPC not received for no failure on part of assessee, the return cannot be treated as invalid

What is ITR-V, Time Limit, where to submit and what if not submitted within time


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  1. Gaurav Shah says:

    Can i send it thorough ordinary post? it is mentioned on ITRV Copy, that assessee should send that ITRV Copy through Ordinary Post or Speed Post.

  2. Arvind says:

    Hi Thanks for the relevent information, want to know further can we send 4 ITR5 ‘s ( all family ) together in one envelop . is that acceptable or should be seperate..

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