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WILL CBDT and its sycophants introspect and explain to their own consciences that why this foolishness to extend due date for filing of ITR

WILL CBDT and its sycophants introspect and explain to their own consciences that why this foolishness to extend due date for filing of ITR/TAR after ending of statutory due date. What purpose it has served for them. Those who put the CBDT and MoF in this ignominious state of back track should be shunted out of their present regime. Those mindless officers, who are intellectually bankrupt and brought a shame to Government of India should be made accountable and must be divested of their present position. Do not those illiterate officers knew that they are living in a secular country, where unity is only strength, and in order to appease PM and FM, they ordered for extension only for two states of PM and FM.

Are those officers did not realize that their mad action would tarnish the social and secular web of India and country will get divided on a trifle issue. The population of these shameless officers is on rampant increase now a days and their brain holes to be plugged before they put many holes in the country web. CBDT and its sycophants have totally failed in analyzing the pulse of the taxpayers and professionals, had they taken those in confidence, the situation would have been entirely different. Dear CBDT and MOF always remember and make it part of your daily routine that you cannot run the country by creating terror among professionals and taxpayers and applying torturous method of criminalizing fiscal regime. If the CBDT and MoF desires to meet its targets, then it has a way and no substitute, but to stand with professionals and taxpayers and win their confidence, otherwise no powers lies with you to recover taxes, get compliance and meet your targets, except revolt in the country. NO taxpayer has ever interested in litigation and everyone can part with his money to buy peace, provided peace of mind is guaranteed to him.

Mr Fm Ms CBDT, you were afraid of FII and inflow of funds into India, and as such politely bowed down before them and guaranteed them about MAT exemption retrospectively. A very bad habit of CBDT to do everything retrospectively, that means they had no wisdom in the past and has acquired some now. It reminded me of a famous statement of Ram Jethamalani, who criticized the Government on its policy of retrospective amendment and said, “That if Government keeps on amending the law retrospectively, then days are not far when the government will release a statement that “ALL PROSTITUTE ARE VIRGIN FROM RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT” shame on Indian policy. How long they keep on learning, it has been their childish way to deal with the things, first silence, denial, then adamant then sudden acceptance, and do not they feel themselves that they are lacking the administrative skills. Or thou mind frozen in air-conditioned rooms.

What the government has achieved due to its adamant attitude till close of day on 30th Sept 2015, In Fact Nothing, but they lost a lot of revenue, because all the obedient taxpayers and professionals, managed to throw the ITR/TAR at the last moments in a absolute haphazard manner, just for sake of the compliance and manipulated their taxes ,if payable, because not only the CBDT and even a layman knows that CBDT has no WHEREWITHAL to track and scrutinize all those returns and CBDT has its data of how much percentage of ITRs are scrutinized., but generally those , who are responsible to think this are nearing their virtual retirement phase and appears to have switched off their brain to make handsome preparation for their retirement . Who cares for country? May GOD save us from those IRSs and others babus whose integrity and caliber remain questionable in every field of administration, these IRs and babus spent their life in sycophancy and quenching/satisfying the greed of ravenous appetite, despite best of salary, perquisite, facility, amenities, air conditioned ambiance. No one knows what is ailing them, when they will pay back the debt to the country, which the country owes from them since long.

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  1. Natarajan says:

    I do not understand why this hue and cry.It seems funny to blame CBDT for date extention.Every professional knows that 30th september is the due date for submitting IT returns if the accounts are to be audited.Do the professionals were waiting, for the CBDT to make the ITR forms available ,to start the auditing the accounts of their clients.There was enough time from 1st April to 30th September to complete their Job.It is like STUDENTS Saying that they have not started preparing for the exams as the Board has not announced the Date of Exams.Was there any huge difference in the ITR forms of Assessment year 2014-15 and 2015-16?


    Mr. Bhatia CBDT, after getting award from PM they are looking on the sky and could saw the stone kept on ground. They deliberately not extended the date in- order to avoid loss of revenue but they should not behave like dictator. They have ligitimate power but it should be subject to law of ground. Even after getting order from P H High Court, Direction from Karnataka and Gujrat High Court they issue order u/s 119 of the Income Tax Tax Act, 1961 for P & H and UT of Chandigarh. It is nothing but contempt of court, where no HIgh Court give direction about the applicability of order in respect of its territory. I really appreciate Bomabay High Court which put sword on CBDT and ask to show action taken on decision of other HIgh Courts and later on Criticizes the CBDT. I am agree with your view for extension of that what is use of extension of due date from 30-9-15 to 31-10-2015 which have been done earlier so that every body should have done his work without any hurdle. This behaviour is like giving medicine to some one who has died.

  3. rkd says:

    Well said,Indian bureaucrats have a habit of doing things at the last moment just to show off their importance or fill their pockets as is clear from the fact that more than 125 IAS/IRS have been identified as most corrupt.Hope FM/PM understands the pain of Tax Payer and Professionals.

  4. Gopal Agarwal says:

    Dear Mr Amit, actually now the politician and bureaucrats consider themselves as rulers and so they rule the public but not serve. We are also responsible for that because even office bearers of ICAI are very much willing to close these officers and baccalaureates and so they always invite them for inauguration of different intellectual seminars and make a lot of flattering to them. Do we have paucity of intellectuals from other walk of life? This made them realize that they are ruler and they are here to rule the public and not serve.

  5. Y R Desai says:

    Eye opening article. I think one has to find out how much man hours put in and schedule for the same by the Income Tax department in designing these forms and e-filing utilities along with all inclusive cost to the tax payers on year on year basis. Is it realy require to change the contents of the ITRs every year?

  6. Sanjay Agarwal says:

    Recent actions takens by CBDT regarding extension of due date remind me of the following Chaupai by Goswami Tulsi Das Ji :-

    Nahi Janma Koi As Jag Mahi Prabhuta Pai Jai Mad Nahi.

  7. Satish says:

    Sir, one wonders why ICAI never approaches court to protect the interest of it’s members. Approaching court is legal…the ICAI governing body lacks the courage to take on government even-though it’s members suffers. Audit u/s 44AB and filing of income tax return is the most important professiional activity carried out by CAs and ICAI never fought hard enough for this. They just made useless representations. There should be a law stating once a central council member, he/she and the firm in which these professionals are partners are disqualified to take any RBI/Govt audits. Then only these councils will act independently.

  8. G S Krishnan says:

    Excellent article. Fully appreciable provocation. What to do year after year bureaucrats take their own time to implement their acts but require the public to comply immly. The administrator FM be cautious of their (bureaucrats) acts, otherwise these type of mockery not only bring disrepute to the Govt., but thwart the Party later.

  9. Harish Chander Bhatia says:

    Dear Mr Amit. I do not know how you arrive at this conclusion. I was confident of extension and took risk, did not file any return. My level of confidence was absolute.Everybody is now arguing that if the forms comes in time, no extension would be sought. This is wrong to say. WE want the schema to be introduced after proper home work well in time and NO last minutes changes in schema, if it happens, extension again would be required. availability of forms are not the only solution, there are many things and parameters to be complied by CBDT.


    Dear Mr. Bhatia, i think you realy dont know why we (CAs) wanted date extension. please go through the problems we are and our clients facing. we have only 23 days time to file the return in case of audit. if CBDT make available ITRs online to file returns from 1st of April next year , we will surely not ask for extension.

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