pri Empanelment with IDBI Bank for Concurrent audit Empanelment with IDBI Bank for Concurrent audit

IDBI Bank invites online applications from practicing partnership firms of Chartered Accountants within India, in the prescribed format, who are willing to have their firms empanelled as Concurrent Auditors of the Bank.

The online system regarding “Application for empanelment of Concurrent audit” is made available from 18.11.2019 till 28.11.2019 for additional allotments to be made during the year 2019-20 (July 2019 – June 2020)

Link to Apply for Empanlement

Refresh the above link in case it shows error.

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  1. CA. M. Lakshmanan says:

    It seems the form has been devised by a novice. As commented by many CAs, Partners details could not be uploaded. Whether the concerned authorities have looked into the matter is not known. I hope the bugs are removed and more time is given for applying since the last date for applying is tomorrow(28.11.19).


    Seriously waste of time , following problems were being faced :
    1. Cannot enter No. of partners in Particular of partners the column is frozen cant enter, i guess the backlink from ICAI database isnt working and no one bothered to even test it before deploying.
    2. Error in GST no. fields.
    3. Cannot enter details of partner heading the branch as there isn’t sufficient space.

    We request IDBI officials please dont come up with this kind of web forms and waste our time in trying to fill it. Disappointing.


    At the time of submission it is mentioned that ” file name with multiple extension. Please check file extension”. We are not sure weather empanelment form of Concurrent Audit is submitted or not

  4. Naveen says:

    Not Able to Fill the Number of Members ,holding ACA and FCA Members and it is mandatory Field not able to Submit…. Please Reply for any Solutions.

  5. Maneesh says:

    Absolutely pathetic. Sheer waste of time. So ill equipped that they should not have come out with an online form. Such a pathetic experience that after trying to submit the form a message would pop up stating this PAN/FRN etc is already registered. The online form developers are so inept and incompetent that they didn’t bother to run a test run. So many issues right from GST to mandatory fields getting locked. Couldn’t submit the form as it won’t accept stating it’s already registered. How man? How is it already registered when the submission isn’t complete? After trying n number of times finally left it. An absolute nightmare. Criminal waste of time.

  6. Maneesh says:

    Absolutely pathetic. Sheer waste of time. So ill equipped that they should not have come out on an online portal. Such a pathetic experience that after trying to submit the form a message would pop up that the PAN/FRN etc is already registered. How? There is no message that the form is successfully submitted. It can’t be submitted in fact. Left it finally. Did IDBI run a test run before wasting our precious time? The programmers are inept/incompetent. First the GST issue then the submission part. Horrific experience. Absolute nightmare.

  7. CA. M. Lakshmanan says:

    We have tried once again and now the we are not able to enter the GST no. itself.
    Unless the errors are rectified we can not apply. Whether the concerned IT staff who designed the form will look into the same and rectify the defects and extend the last date (30.04.2018) so that we can apply.

  8. CA. M. Lakshmanan says:

    We are also no able to fill “Particulars of Partners” and while we click the “SUBMIT” button the site says “Please enter Number of FCAs” and the result is we are not able to apply.


    FORM STUCK BECAUSE OF GST NO. Have been trying to upload since a few days, today happens to be the last date of empanelment. Could’nt submit. Kindly respond.

  10. KUMAR HARI JI says:

    When uploading form message is comming “please enter Details Of Partners of the concern”. This message is coming again and again whereas as details of partners we have filled. What is the solution ?

  11. Gururaj Math says:

    I’m a retired senior banking professional n currently a freelance trainer in BFSI Sector. Whether I can apply for the post of Concurrent Auditor. Thanks.

  12. Prakash Chand Mutha. says:

    If I dont have two years stock audit experience,but have more than forty (40) years of general audit and taxation experience, will I be considered for appointment as stock & receivables audit ?

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