There are 3 common methods to sign/file applications or returns at GST portal namely the 1. OTP to aadhar linked mobile i.e. E-Sign option, 2. Sign with DSC option, 3. Otp to registered mobile and e-mail i.e. signing with EVC option.

But, the concerned problem is that some assesses are mandatorily required to sign using 2nd option only i.e. through DSC. For e.g. Company, LLP’s.

There ought to be system issues associated with DSC signing option for whom some of the following steps are cure:


Steps: login > profile drop down tab (A) “Register/Update DSC” > click on (B) “Click here for instructions on installing signer utility” > download the relevant utility.

If already installed the latest version i.e. v 2.6, preferable solution would to stop the service and restart the signer again.


Steps: windows notification bar > (1.) open em-signer > on the launched dialog box there notifies (2.) the port no.


For signing with DSC, my suggestion would be to use Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Then steps:

At web browser proceed to (step 1) port no. (In this case

(step 2) click on advanced tab (for I.E. users directly click on “Continue to this web page (not recommended)”)

(step 3) add the former site to the exception list. (For chrome users: click on “Proceed to (unsafe)” link)

(step 4) Confirm the security exception.

4. Then keeping the Browser open, open new tab and proceed to sign your application/returns.


1. If possible login to the relevant DSC drivers (softwares) (e-pass 2003 won’t create problem, but sometimes I observed that DSC on Watch Data, Aladdin Etokens, Trust Key etc. were only affixed when I logged in to their individual drivers)

2. Make sure that DSC is valid up to current date!! This is because changing the system time to affix DSC (although illegal!) but if tried won’t benefit.

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4 responses to “Steps to sign with DSC at GSTN Portal with Ease”

  1. N S Anand says:

    The above article helped me lot by fixing Emsigner. Thanks

  2. Amber Sayyed says:

    The article was very useful.
    Thank you so much for posting it.

  3. Pankhil Shah says:

    As you have shown in step 3, I am not getting that page also. In my mozila browser it does not shows that page. It gives me an error of reload page. I have windows 7 and latest version of Mozila firefox. Please help me to solve the problem

    • MSSACOA says:

      Respected pankhil
      You should restart your emsigner as browser is unable to connect to “port”
      Or port no. Entered would have been by mistake incorrect.

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