Dear future Company Secretaries,

You all would be worried of your exams as only one month is there to fight and win the battle of CS Exams. Some of you will be fighting for the first time and some of you will be fighting the battle with a hope that this time I will win……Take a break and just go through this article, I can’t assure that this article will be useful to you or not but there are certain tips which might help you out in winning this battle. After reading this article you might question to yourself that is it possible to do so? As only one month is there and you need to focus on other subject also, I would say YES it is possible just remember your dream, your goal, and your name being prefixed with CS.

When you are appearing for exams conducted by ICSI you need to focus on the study material given by ICSI i.e. Modules. You can refer other books available in the market but you have to read at least for one time the modules provided by ICSI. In case your modules are not updated then go for soft copy reading available at the website. The module is divided in to chapters. Lets take Advance Company Law & Practice – Professional Program. There are 19 Chapters, set out a target on daily basis. For example chapters like deposit, distribution of profit; charges can be completed in 1 day in 3 hrs. While chapter like Meeting takes 1 day. So, accordingly plan out your target. While reading you need: Module, Bare act, previous exam’s question paper, reference books if any you prefer.

Start your reading:

For example you are going with chapter no. 1 i.e. Company Formation and Conversion, start with module. It contains the procedure for formation of different types of Companies. Well as far as formation of company is considered you need to simply think that for forming any type of Company the basic requirement will be DSC & DIN so, the starting procedure will be the same for forming any type of Company.  Hence the essential part to be read in this chapter will the: DEFINITION, FORMS, ATTACHMENTS OF FORM, DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED AND APPROVAL REQUIRED FOR FORMATION. Make a key note of the above highlighted points. So, when you revise the subject you can go through this only.

While reading please check out the updates as it is very essential. Keep yourself in touch with recent amendments in act and various updates announced by MCA, this will be very useful.

Now for suppose you are asked in the exam paper:

♦ Mr. X wants to incorporate a Private Company in India, you being his consultant please submit a detailed procedure to be followed in this regards and various forms required to be filled in this regards. (5 Marks)

Majority of student will write down the procedure given in the module, stating about DSC, DIN, Name Reservation, Minimum Number of Director, Share Capital, etc. (This will gain 2 or 2.5 marks out of 5)

Many will be writing about Spice form, RUN, e-MOA, e-AOA, etc. (This will gain 3 to 3.5 marks out of 5).

But if you write about AGILE (INC-35) about registration of GSTIN, ECIS and EPFO stating that you can get registration under these without any fees and also it is mandatory to file along with Spice form. Also, mentioning of for INC-20A which is of Commencement of Business, needed to be filled within 180 days of Incorporation of Company will have a cheery on the cake. (This will gain 4 to 4.5 marks out of 5)

See the difference in the marks that can be made by just referring to updates. You don’t have to go thoroughly through the whole updates; you just need to see the Form, time period, fees, and applicability. This will bring great benefits to you.

While reading important chapter like meeting you need to consider SS issued by ICSI. As, where the act is silent SS will act as a mouth. There are cases asked in the exams giving a particular situation which is not completely defined in act but there in SS.

Besides you can refer bare act where ever needed and go through all the sections and rules thoroughly. Specifying Section will be good for gaining marks but specifying the applicable rule in the answer will attract additional marks. Interlinking one section with another will make your answer attractive to the paper checker. For example while answering to the above question you can say that as per section 149(1) there shall be 2 directors in a private company and add that as per section 149(3) there shall be at least one director in a Company who stays in India for a total period of not less than 182 days during the F.Y. This will make your answer different from others.

Once you are done with your reading you need to test your grasping power as well as interpretation skills. You also have to test your section applicability skill. Take previous exam’s question papers see the questions related to the chapter you are done with. You can use books available in market in this regards. See the marks of the questions asked. Set a time frame according to the marks for attempting the question. Try attempting at least 5 question of the chapter you have completed. Take a sheet of paper write down the answer according to you. Note down the time consumed by you in attempting it.

Now after attempting 5 questions in a row take the module/act and compare your answer with that. Point out the mistakes made by you. You will realize on what points you need to work on.

There may be mistakes in relation to mentioning of section/Form, in that case; make a chart of important section and form and place in your room or elsewhere, so that you can go through it as and when you pass from there.

If there is mistake in relation to applicability of section, then in that case you need to improve your interpretation skills.

If you are consuming more time in answering a question then try to make your fingers work faster but, see that you don’t skip the essential content of the answer. Its ok if you cannot complete the paper of 100 marks. There is no such rule that you need to complete 100 marks paper to clear the subject. No no no…..please throw this out of your mind. I could attempt only of 75 marks in my CL paper in professional and I got 63 marks. The only thing that I focused was the content. Whatever you are attempting needs to be content full.  You remember getting 4/4.5 out of 5…..  By this even if you attempt of 75 then taking 4 marks in to consideration you can score 60 wow!!!! That’s exemption…..!

The same method and logic is to be applied to each chapter and each subject…..

This might help you out to achieve your dream. #Being_CS

All the best future CS….!!!!

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