prpri Appeal to President, ICAI for deferring May 20 exams to November 20 Appeal to President, ICAI for deferring May 20 exams to November 20

The President
The Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India
New Delhi-110001

Subject; Reconsider your decision to go ahead with the Mid-year 2020 Exams from 29th of July.

Dear Sir,

Every year our Institute conducts the examinations twice in a year. We conduct the first examinations in the first week of May & the Second one from the first week of November. We are conducting such examinations since long.

This year, our nation is facing an extraordinary situation and it requires extraordinary resolutions to face a pandemic COVID- 19. We have already decided in the interest of the well-being of students and rescheduled our exams to be held from 29th July 2020 to 16th August 2020.

This postponement was very much required but still the clouds of the Pandemic are there and we are really taking the decisions of the well-being of students, we should revisit our decision to go ahead with the July- August 2020 examination. You are requested to consider the following keeping in mind the possibility of the exposure of Corona to our lacks of students, feelings of the parents and as a whole for the nation where our decision may trigger some of the after-effects like Delhi religious gathering problem, Migration problem, Administrative lapse and so on. Our Institute should not be a part of any such decision that may be harmful to students as well as to the Nation.

1. The present situation and the future of the Covid-19 cannot be predicted. We can only make sensible decisions at this juncture. The Government of India is also doing the same and yesterday and guidelines for Unlock 1 were issued by The Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

2. This is to inform you that the said Unlock -1 has not provided any dates for the opening of educational institutions, schools, coaching Institute and simply deferred the decision on Phase 2 of the Unlock in July 2020. You are requested to reconsider your decision in the above reference that our Institute is dependent on the school premises for conducting our examinations. Further, there are numerous rights in the hand s of state Governments, Local Governments and district administration to place their restrictions on the travel of the people and to grant permission for conduct of any activity at their localised area. For your reference, a clause as provided in the notification is as follows. “Phase II Schools, colleges, educational/ training/ coaching institutions etc., will be opened after consultations with States and UTs. State Governments/ UT administrations are being advised to hold consultations at the institution level with parents and other stakeholders. Based on the feedback, a decision on the re-opening of these institutions will be taken in July 2020. MoH FW will prepare SOP for these institutions. Further, The Home Secretary in his letter to all the Chief Secretaries of the state and the administrators have specifically mentioned monitoring the clause related to the opening of schools, colleges and Educations Institution.

3. As per information available as given by the reputed news agencies with experts opinion that coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases are projected to rise through June and July, enforcing the use of masks and social distancing norms and isolating everyone with cough and fever is the only protection against infection. Community participation in the enforcement of masks, self-quarantine and isolation of everyone with symptoms of Covid-19 even without testing is the way forward.

4. We are having limited Centres across India and fewer centres at Outside India. The students are from the various parts of the country and spread over to the villages, towns & municipalities. Our student has to travel for exams days to the nearest cities. They may have to travel the cities by crossing state borders. At present, there is a mechanism of Quarantine of the people crossing the sate boundaries. Further student stays with their relatives and uses local transport. Is it possible in the present scenario to visit any relative home to write the papers?

5. The Unlock -1 has opened up the Unrestricted Movement of Persons and Goods and marked that there will not be any restriction on inter-State and intra-State movement of persons and goods and no separate permission/ approval/ e-permit would be required for such movements. However, if a State/ UT, based on reasons of public health and its assessment of the situation propose to regulate the movement of persons, it would give wide publicity in advance regarding the restrictions to be placed on such movement, and the related procedures to be followed.

6. The increasing number of COVID-19 patients also warrant rethinking a decision to go ahead with the exams. Today, with the highest single-day spike of 7,964 cases, India’s Covid-19 tally crosses 1.73 lakh. Neither this figure neither is good nor can be ignored. There will a surge of disease Covid-19 in the coming months so why are we ignoring the writing on the wall.

7. With the Unlock -1, increasing mobility and more cases will be identified which calls for an urgent consideration at your part. Don’t rely on the Government move of unlocking, it is forced and accommodative because of lockdown fatigue, people fed up and don’t seem to be bothered about the infection spreading. The numbers will spike. The concept of Dekha Jayega can apply to one Individual mind but certainly, it should not be routed through a prestige institution like ours.

8. At a social place, the students, invigilators will be requiring to have a mask on their faces. The masks are also having their medical complications and wearing a mask for a time of three hours will affect the mental and physical stage. It’s certainly, not an easy job to wear a mask and to write for the exams for many hours.

9. Your attention is drawn towards the AIIMS director Dr Galleria. As per him’ “ With most modelling studies saying the pandemic will peak in India in late July or mid-August, protection measures must be closely followed for protection. “I think it’ll (pandemic peak) probably be a little earlier, I would say July, but most of the mathematical predictors have pushed it to August,” Further such views are subject to many permutations and combination of many factors such as individuals immunity or population infected, asymptomatic transmission, and other unknowns human behaviour.

10. The Institute, as well as the schools providing the examination facilities are requested to go through the clause by clause provisions of the Disaster Management Act 2005 having penal provisions to attract irresponsible conduct.

11. The November Examination will be in schedule and it will be quiet impossible to declare the results by that the time of Registration/ Application forms for November 2020 exams. In any case, a distance between August Exam and November exam will be very short and will only add stress for the students.

12. We must concentrate on the health and safety of our students and affiliated Schools around the Country and should look. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) the outbreak remains a very fluid situation, and please be assured that we are monitoring the effects on health, safety, and travel mobility.

13. I request you to take decisions prioritizing the health and safety of everyone fairer and equitable. At least a thousand members will also take an active part in conducting such an examination. It is prayed to merge the May 2020 exam with November exams and initiate the remedial measures of providing options of students to their chosen groups etc. Further in a stressful and trying situation, and I look forward to your understanding to make decisions in a timely and well-informed manner.

Thanking you in anticipation,

CA Amresh Vashisht, FCA
M- 9837515432

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for information purposes only and does not constitute an advice or a legal opinion and are personal views of the author. It is based upon relevant law and/or facts available at that point of time and prepared with due accuracy & reliability. Readers are requested to check and refer relevant provisions of statute, latest judicial pronouncements, circulars, clarifications etc before acting on the basis of the above write up.  The possibility of other views on the subject matter cannot be ruled out. By the use of the said information, you agree that Author / TaxGuru is not responsible or liable in any manner for the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, errors or any kind of omissions in this piece of information for any action taken thereof. This is not any kind of advertisement or solicitation of work by a professional.

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  1. Ishika Mandal says:

    Perfect. I completely agree with your decision. All the possible consequences have been spoken about and ofc a life is greater than anything. A one year down can be accepted than a complete loss of life. Corona pandemic is just a bad phase of life and once it is crossed, everything will be back to normal. As we all know that patience and hardwork are the keys to success,when we already waited for so many months, I think a few months time will fly quite smoothly. Moreover, students have already completed their portion, so in this extra period of lockdown, students can get back to their hobbies, learn new things that interest them, etc and eventually can get back to their studies. There’s always a positive side to everything. Let’s hope for the best and not hurry for anything at all. 🙂

  2. Shubham says:

    I totally Agree with the above article.
    To all those who are disagreeing this article kindly note:
    The Invigilator, college/school staff, students, police who will be maintaining choas outside the school/college, the person with whom you will be travelling with(if taking public transport facilities).You all should give the guarantee of their safety and no single person will be infected by virus. And if so by the bad luck anyone gets infected, who should be responsible the ICAI or students who are forcing the ICAI to conduct exam in this pandemic situation?
    Even I have been preparing hard for the exams, but your dedication, hardwork,perseverance on individual basis is nothing before ur and other people’s life. I think u all have didn’t experienced the pain of losing ur closed ones.

  3. Ashina says:

    Strongly agree with you sir. Am an ipcc student already cleared 1st group, hardly preparing for group 2 in old syllabus and now staying in bahrain. Here didn’t have exam center and choosen center in India. Remember, institute said that may 2020 is the last chance for ipcc old syllabus and don’t know any possibility to extend it to november. Due to the worst situation around and considering the risk of travelling in flight with kids sadly decided to skip this chance. But, still believe in ICAI Due to the circumstances, institute may extend chance for ipcc old scheme students to november. By reading your letter it gives a hope…

  4. manthan says:

    I agree with the petition , exams should be postpond.
    Please understand the situation as we dont deny ICAI not taking proper care butin case any of our family member gets covid , that student also wont be able to give exam and in case just under pressure that person choses to appear for exam it may even risk life of other student as high chaces of that student also being positive.Also at exam centre people may have high tempretuire due to tension or normal viral and may not be covid positive will that person be allowed in exam centre and how will u conclude weather its exam fever or covid just by checking temp.Also in case if temp is high and person is denied entering exam centre and that person test negative , who will be responisble for such peoples careers?

  5. Sonu Bansal says:

    I’m totally disagree with this decision sir. It will affect the career of students and due to this effective studies of may 20 students will be destroyed. It’s better icai conduct exam in July for may attempt and extend the period for Nov 20 students to December

  6. Saniya Jain says:

    I strongly attempt or career is more important than one’s sometimes may be feeling left out or held down but there are many people around you who love you and want you to be safe…Life doesn’t return once it’s gone..

  7. Mayur says:

    I absolutely agree with this petition. Thank you Sir for writing this. I humbly request Our esteemed ICAI to cancel this exams and conduct it in Nov,2020 for public interest and nation interest in large

  8. Shail Soni says:

    I strongly agree with respected sir.

    As a CA final year student, considering all favourable and unfavorable comments posted above, want to share four important facts/issues to know-

    1. Most of students shift from villages to well known cities for example Ahmedabad in search of good and reputed classes for their CA preparation.

    Due to haphazardly situation of COVID-19 which emerged without any backup plan, largely and unfavourably effect the students preparing for professional exams who lives outside their home.

    They couldn’t able to decide whether to go home or stay alone in paying guest or hostel for studies like other students went their home immediately.

    2. When students preparing for professional exams, great care is required for their health because all are not strong and disease free. That care students are not getting due to they stay at hostel or pg alone. Also, suffering from food issues.

    3. Before giving final exams, we give many test series to know our compatability for final exams. Which is missing. If ICAI takes exams in July, it’s meaningless, because students who are in favour of giving exams, they are also not 100% prepared rather they are under pressure.

    4. While giving exams during three hours, one after another, sometimes sneeze or have cough problem generally students have. Mostly we have observed while giving previous exams.

    As it is a viral disease, anytime it can be happen to anybody even though you are taking great efforts.

    Students who have worked hard like us obviously thought of long hours studied, but dear just think once, if COVID-19 happens to a single student giving exams all over India, it will be shameful for our CA fraternity.

    At last, I urged to ICAI president, don’t put all students lives in danger just because of some students.

    Health of students must be your priority.


  9. Kavish singhal says:

    I disagree with this petition. It’s not because I live in red zone. Their are two reasons first I had almost prepared for the exams and second I dont want may attempt exam to be merged with Nov. It will increase the no. Of candidates appearing and will decrease the pass %

  10. Saurav says:

    Strongly disagree with this appeal. Still there is approx two months left and the exams can be conducted taking proper precautionary measures.
    Though its centralized but the exams should be conducted and the Students who can not take the examination in july can always appear in Nov or Dec. To wait for complete clearance of the virus from the country is silly and the students not falling under red zone category can take the examination with proper measures. This is something which will not be gone in a day or few months, we have to live with full precautions. Atleast the students who can appear in July should be benefitted and for rest theres always Nov or Dec open.

  11. Raghav says:

    I totally disagree with this… Many students are prepared well for this attempt… If exams are merged with November exams then most of principals will recall their articles to office to do income tax returns and other work.. So whatever prepared will get ignored in such work pressure.. So please don’t ask this.. It will be better to conduct exams in those cities and towns where transport and institutions facility is available like bangalore… Other city students who are in a red zone has to wait for next exam even though it was difficult.. In my opinion it will be good to conduct exams in July atleast for states in which facilities available.. For red zone people there will be no difference of they write exams in December or in November by cancelling attempt now..

  12. Ritu Sunar says:

    I strongly agree with this petition….first we have to think about life and then about career….I live in Mumbai ….I m in red zone… can I be sure that I won’t contract corona virus during exams and now the corona virus cases are asymptomatic that means I might not even have the knowledge that I have corona virus….then if I go home….I may give Corona to my parents….and mere sanitizers and masks won’t help…in my own building I have 3 positive corona-virus cases

  13. Jashnavi says:

    I agree with this appeal.
    Exams can be written even in November,but we are not ready to danger our lives at the cost of exam.
    If a student got infected at one centre then social distancing or mask really doesn’t matter we would definitely regret for that.

  14. Praveen. Balina says:

    Sir, Absolutely I am not agree with this appeal, bcz old syllabus students having last two chances to write exam, All students are preparing for exam from last December 2019. How much time and efforts put their for clearing the exams. Better follow the guide lines – maintaining proper distance, using mask, sanitizer and write the exams..

  15. Rahul Shukla says:

    Respected Amresh sir, this is called publicity. Icai examination committee are well capable to determine whether July exam could be possible or not.

    You have mention Delhi, you should know Delhi govt. is already to operate Delhi metro after lockdown 4 and seeking permission from central govt form 15th May. You know very well how much croud in metro.

    And you are borther about lacs students, if you know the ground reality you should ask at lest 100 candidate and than you will observe at lest 90% are ready for exam because the study hard from January.

  16. yohan says:

    also, in maharashtra, cases are rising too rapidly…students would not be able to get to their exam centres with convenience..

  17. Puja says:

    Strongly disagree ….pls arrange the exams in July only…too much time is already wasted…this is not favorable decision of skipping the whole one attempt….

  18. yohan says:

    agree with this… cases are increasing day by day, will only increase in coming weeks… becomes difficult to study with a complete focus on studies, .. apart from this, theres no guarantee that students themselves wont contract covid-19 while attending the exams itself, and become a source of another surge in cases however much social distancing protocols are carried out

  19. Umang banthia says:

    Earlier i also in favor of ICAI to conduct may 20 exam in july 20 exam as don’t want to waste 6month , but as of now after unlock.1 announcment and guideline issue by MHA main point is SCHOOLE COLLEGE AND OTHER EDU. INSTITUTE MAY BE OPEN IN JULY ONWARD And in that also the government has said that they will consider for the same not confirm
    therefore i agreed with this application

  20. Gnana Saranya says:

    I to strongly agree with the appeal of merging of may 2020 exams with Nov 2020 .
    it will help so many students in this situation
    Please do consider it sir & understand the problem.

  21. shubham chandak says:

    Sir kindly merge this attempt with November. I m living in red zone in Nagpur. And from two months I haven’t even seen the street next to my street. There are more students I m in touch with who along with me don’t have proper stationary. Moreover we don’t have all books with us. It’s very stressful here. I know what I have been going through.

  22. Jaspreet singh says:

    Don’t agree with the appeal at this point of time.
    Hope for the better position till the end of June .
    It’s too early for this decision

  23. Mohammed Bilal says:

    Pls sir we people had prepared a lot for this attempt so kindly review ……so pls conduct exams after August or September pls consider….

  24. Manish says:

    I am a intermidate student and i don’t think it’s good to shift july attempt to november. We are studying very hard to clear this attempt do please don’t shift to november unless otherwise our time will be waste .

  25. Ravi says:

    This decision is better rathe than the exam in July because of some students are stucked in another city and there are not any facility of study and not any nearby center of examination so as per my opinion exam to. Be conduct in November 19 is better

  26. lakhan agarwal says:

    strongly agree!! since becoz the cases are going to rise in june n july… and if the exams are conducted and students gets affected then who will take the responsiblity? A wise decision is need to be taken seeing the overall situation. Health is wealth.

  27. says:

    Dear Sir

    I am totally agreeing with you Sir . I am a parent. ICAI has given option for centre change . But the problem student who opted Overseas as centre still doesnt know which will be the exam centre to choose due to International flight suspension. If exam postpone to November in this case we dont have ti change exam centre. And more over we dont have to compare with CBSE exam. May be it can also change as we considering the pandemic cases. Now student has to be relaxed and study proerly. For that I prefer exam should be in November. The case will reduce and all exam centre we can opt by that time

    Thank you

  28. Harsh says:

    This is an absolutely useless petition !!
    Think about the career of the students
    Discipline can be maintained by students in respect of social distancing , wearing the masks and hand santizers .
    The way u have appealed it seems that if corona somehow stays till November the exams should be cancelled then . A person appearing in May 20 , by deafult has to appear in May 21 without his/her own fault if both attempts are cancelled .
    Schools and colleges ( centres ) should santize before every exam is conducted .
    Do not create a negative thought in the minds of the students .

  29. yamini says:

    may 2020 is last attempt for old syllabus students. i am an old syllabus student and despite wanting to skip attempt due to covid-19 fear, i am forced to write exam because this is the last attempt. also, im an asthama patient. how am i supposed to write exam wearing a mask for 3 hours?

  30. Muskaan Surana says:

    Please take the initiative and conduct May 2020 exams with Nov 2020 exams. It is very difficult here in South to go out. High risk. Kindly look into the problem.

  31. Padmapriya says:

    As a final student , I do strongly disagree. May it be July or November only following the social distancing restrictions and preventive measures matter. We are very much able to set that the growth rate in India is very low compared to predictions made in march or February. Icai is confident of conducting exams with safety measures. Just think from a student’s point of view. Do your really think changing time schedule every now and then will have positive impact on their studies?

  32. Prajwal.D.Nanda says:

    If we talk about only us, who took proper coaching and had gud time to study , Yes we are ready to attend exams and its gud to conduct as Govt Said .But some students are there who are not abled to get coaching and alsoo at this time some are facing migrants problem. Soo its gud to think about them alsoo and you decision is 100% gud to them.

  33. Monika says:

    I don’t agree with this appeal. Those students who are preparing for July attempt and doing hard work for their career if exam will postpone again then it’s totally waste of time. And no can assure that covid -19 will get rid till November attempt so it doesn’t mean that we stop to do our work just because of covid-19..

  34. Rituraj Tokdar says:

    I would request the authority to please think of conducting online exam for CA Foundation, Inter, IPCC and Final aspirants foe July 2020 attempt only. Delay of exam might lead to career risk of manh such students who are thinking to look forward with their career.

  35. Meghna says:

    It will be a huge pressure for us CA students to drag this till November. Don’t consider this appeal .. let others skip this attempt. This desicion will be a heart break. Don’t do that. Those who can let them right this attempt. Don’t merge both attempts. It’s a request. Try to understand

  36. Meghna says:

    Please don’t do this. I am an inter student. All hard works will be wasted if you make such decisions. Those who like to write exam please let them do that.

  37. Rupika Tak says:

    Otherwise one measure can be taken, by ICAI is to increase number of centres so that all local districts school/colleges are occupied and students don’t face commutation problems.
    Also students have been preparing with current amendments then they need to reschedule their preparation with amendments applicable for November exams..
    This may lead to more pressure..

  38. Vrinda S. says:

    I’m highly in favour of merging both attempts this year, given the situation of pandemic and mental stress regarding November 2020 examinations.

  39. Manoj kumar says:

    Dear sir please do not cancelled the exam.most of the student doing very hardwork and almost complete their study so do not skip their chance to give the exam. Sir we faced many problems in this situation but keep study continue to clear our exam so please sir do not cancel the exam please thinks about many sincere students.please conduct the exam when govt. allowed it.

  40. Harshil says:

    It’s not going Tobe a solution for may 2020 students.. There is uncertainty of covid-19 pandemic To move of for country.. And important reason is that students of may-2020 studying since oct-nov 2019 and.. If any attempt will merge to nov 2020..there will though to pass exam for nov2020 students as may 2050 students get full 1 year to study… And your president sir already said that safety measures are responsibility of icai.. Don’t worry about that.. In short this going To be very bad solution to merge with…

  41. Suby Balasubramaniam says:

    Very thoughtful appeal. Unfortunately, the ICAI has no choice but to cancel the May 2020 attempt. How much ever they may like, the ground conditions with regard to the availability of Exam Centres, free movement and the flattening of the curve, is yet 3 to 4 months away… Yes, we need to live with the reality of unwinding of the lockdown, but we need not be reckless and pragmatic to recognise the practical issues.

  42. Dr RAJU P V S N says:


  43. Manish says:

    I don’t agree at all to skip July Attempt.Think of the students who are looking forward career after the said attempt.Also there is no guarantee of end of this pandemic.Rather taking safety measures, ICAI’s decision of taking exams in july is correct as per my belief.

  44. Sakshi Tripathi says:

    I don’t agree with this appeal. The exams are going to conduct at the end of the july, we should hope that everything will get under control so that we could give this attempt. We are working hard and we don’t want to postpone our attempt. Other exams are also going to conduct. There is not only CA exams. We have to live with this virus, it is neither going to end in November as well.

  45. Bhavna sharma says:

    Respected sir.
    I just believe that there are lot of students who are going to face the problem of even reaching the examination center because they are from containment zone.Ground reality is that borders of Delhi Noida gaziabad are sealed and in this situation parents are also afraid of sending their children to examination center.
    I am truly in favour of deferment of July exams

  46. Manoj Kumar says:

    Hii, please don’t publish such information , students who are interested let them write in July exams and who are not interested please write in nov but because of ur opinion, interest and hard work of other students shouldn’t be effected , if ur prepared write now or kindly write in nov 2020. Don’t demotivate others buy publishing such information.

  47. Suraj says:

    No exam should not be postponed.
    Those who wish to give the exams should not be stopped.
    If someone has any difficulty, they should skip this attempt.
    I am in final and I have only 3 papers to give, hence I want to give my exams.

  48. Himanshu Heda says:

    1.) Sir, this kind of appeals are good for nothing and just spreading negativity in the mindset with regard to this pandemic.
    2.)We should learn and move alongwith this pandemic.
    3.)Till April’21 there is no sign for any perfect vaccine. So what we suppose to do merge with May’21.
    4.)The above statistics are just for new case, go for number of recovered cases alongwith it. It will give you correct picture.
    5.) Please Sir atleast think and compare for the students who are handling pressure in mind from last 6 to 7 months with your pressure of wearing a mask for 3 hours.
    6.) As far as November exams are concerned that can be postponed for 1 mont easily.
    7.) If all the schools, colleges are ready to run with proper safety measures then why not ICAI.
    8.) If this much safety is concern then why all CA’s offices are resumed from 01.06.2020 with full capacity.
    9.) We need to accept the fact that new cases would come daily and if we go with proper precautions there is no need to further postponement.
    10.) COVID-19 is not a disease that spreads with gathering, it spreads because of gatherings without social distancing , gatherings without norms, gatherings of undisciplined humans.
    11.) If postponement and running away is only solution then why India is not able to be free with this pandemic. Because when lockdown was announced firstly there were cases in India hardly in 3 digits.
    12.) These exams are not virtual online exams which requires well infra structured exam centers. We can increase exam centers as much as we want according to our needs. We already have sufficient balance in our Reserve & Surplus according to our Institutes final accounts.
    13.) Still Sir if someone thinks that he might be affected with this COVID-19 if exams would be held. Then he can easily stay at home and skip the attempt. No one is forcing him to give exams.
    A window could be opened for all those and if they wish they can withdraw their examination form. It would be further helpful for the institute to manage the exams.
    Sir please consider the emotion of a student, who can handle mental pressure from last 6 months can go with 3 hours more with a piece of cloth. We are not any toy doll.
    14.)Just because of 13 cities in India, you can’t overlook the rest of India.
    15.)You should go over the figures of active cases rather then new cases.
    17.) Further our institute’s moto i.e.,
    Ya esa suptesu jagarti kamam kamam Puruso nirmimanah |
    Tadeva sukram tad brahma tadevamrtamucyate |
    Tasminlokah sritah sarve tadu natyeti Kascan |
    etad vai tat |
    Means that we should work on all time. We should not stop and be continue to hold ourselves.
    18.) Rest all I want to say that we must adopt and learn to fight against it. Sitting home and waiting for solution is not an action of heroes. These all are excuses of cowards.
    19.) Sorry in case if I have wrote something that might hurt you but for me, postponement and merger is not a solution at all.

  49. Yash Sedani says:

    As unlock 1.O is open, we will see that people will not have problem in hanging out.
    But people will have problem in giving exam.
    We shall believe in ICAI, ICAI will take appropriate decision.

  50. MAHESH KUMAR says:

    I AM DISAGREE WITH YOU BECAUSE the all the stundents have different mind and different thoughts then ask from students about their views about the exam.those students who wants to give exam in july 2020 then the allow or those students don’t want then they attend nov 2020 exam.Exams should conduct with social distancing. ICAI can consent from the students for their views and choice. ICAI should also open online exam window for rechoose exam centre for july 2020 exam. thank you.

  51. Chirag Bangur says:

    I dont agree with appeal. Irrespective of the situation, all the students and parents worried about the infection and ready to postpone their own attempt always have an option to give their exams in November 2020 or whenever they feel like. How does institute merging the exams until actual events unfolds would not be a good decision.

    This appeal is just an attempt to write both groups who initially chose for one group. Finding an opportunity in disguise hiding behind Covid-19.

    I really dont understand the idea behind this letter. Everyone always have an option to apply for the next attempt or any later attempt they are comfortable with.

  52. Chirag Bangur says:

    Please don’t postpone our July 2020 exams to November 2020 .Its so unfair for the ppl who is preparing sincerely. Please don’t make these kind of appeals. We have to learn to live with corona as said by our honourable prime minister Modi ji.

  53. Kunal says:

    Dear ICAI,

    Please don’t consider this type of appeal. concentrate on how the examination will conduct with proper precaution of students if all situation is under control. Most of student are preparing from Jan or Feb for this attempt. so request you to don’t consider this appeal. if any one want to appear in November – 2020 they can skip this May -2020 attempt and register for November-2020. You have Free right to skip your “Attempt” or “Attempts”

  54. K M Kalaiyarasi says:

    I am a student of ICAI. Further postponement of exams to Nov 2020 shall reduce our motivation to study and we gradually started to forget what have been studied for our may 2020 attempt. proper safety measures and precaution measures should be taken by students as well as exam board during examination days. I think these exams are similar to the board exams which decide our future. So, we will be able to support our parents financially as soon as possible. Henceforth, importance given to board exams should be same as to professional exams.

  55. Chandana says:

    It’s very unfair to cancel July exams..
    We have very hopes on these exams please don’t guide ICAI inappropriately..
    We can’t live with fear and stay at home,
    Even secondary board exams are planning to conduct in July.. They why can’t CA exams..
    If people are not prepared for this attempt it’s their mistake.. Why should we suffer… I strongly oppose to cancellement of July 2020 exams..
    Atleast ICAI should CA final exams…
    Even in worst scenarios..

  56. Garima lakhani says:

    Hello sir.. with all due respect I would like to disagree with your petition sir.. because if we consider a possibility of not having discovered a vaccine to end this pandemic by Dec 2020.. then in such case students may again appeal to the ICAI to cancel the exams all together this year.. which will further postpone dreams of so many aspiring Chartered accountants!!

    I have faith in our beloved Institute that as soon as the union ministry issues guidelines to open schools and examination centers in phase 2 of Unlock 1.. they’ll make sure all the SOPs are followed and students who have done months of hardwork, will be given fair opportunity to appear for the exams.

  57. Visakha Basavala says:

    Please don’t postpone our July 2020 exams to November 2020 .Its so unfair for the ppl who is preparing sincerely. Please don’t make these kind of appeals. We have to learn to live with corona as said by our honourable prime minister Modi ji.

  58. Lovely says:

    This is fact that today’s scenerio is not upto the marks for conduct examination. But there are many students who are preparing with their all efforts and with all resources available to them. the problem is mostly with those students who are stuck somewhere in lockdown.but what about other .it will be harsh decision to postpone exam to majority do not support this.better to conduct exam in jjuly

  59. onkar says:

    many student usually study at labrary. study at home will have a impact on efficiency. many student are living in a single or double room with their family, so there will impact on study by efficiency.
    You may also consider these.

  60. Lakshmi says:

    I agree with you Sir in each and every point. Let us see from a broader perspective. Iam a concerned parent. In a city like Mumbai, Thane even without local trains having started there is such a pandemic. Imagine when they start operating. How are the students expected to travel to their centres? A humble and sincere request from a parent to please reconsider the decision of holding July 2020 exam.

  61. Santhosh says:

    Sir, thanks for taking this initiative. Can You pls change this to online petition, so others can participate by voting.

  62. Karan says:

    I agree,exams should be conducted in november 20 as no parent will risk to send their child for appearing in exam in this situation,after all its the question of life of an individual

  63. Karan says:

    I agree….exams should be conducted in November 20 as no parent will risk to send their child for appearing in exam in this situation,after all its the question of life of an individual

  64. XYZ says:

    I don’t know what thing is making you irresistible that you are writing these bullshit things to president…the simple thing is that those who don’t want to give exams in July 2020 they should not give…nov.20 attempt is open for all….plss don’t get so much worried about it,it is the work of ICAI ..pls don’t do these kind of useless interferences…
    And ICAI is not only body which conducts exam..all other exams like UPSC,IIT,UGC willl be conducted in July, its a matter for concern for the entire nation not for. cA students only

  65. Vikrant says:

    Mr. CA Amresh Vashisht

    Do you understand that a student who has been preparing since last 3-4 months would not be able to carry his momentum till nov.
    If exams get cancelled and merged with nov attempt, students would loose focus and end up wasting much of their time. And there are Students who want to appear for one Group only no matter how much time they get to study.

    If any body has filled one group and thinks that he/she won’t get much time for nov attempt, its was already mentioned in webinar that this time there would be digital checking due to which icai would be able to bring out results one month earlier than the usual and nov attempt would be pushed to dec.

    If somebody has filled one group why don’t they study for second group as well, as there is plenty of time for the upcoming attempt.

    So lastly, its the only request to you to not make such appeal to icai and let the exams get conducted in July itself and as far as corona is concerned, can you guarantee that till nov this Corona and all would not be there.
    In that case, According to you, exams should not be conducted at all.

  66. Aman says:

    Sir, Have you thought of Nov 20 attempt students , who still haven’t completed their classes(as this pandemic arose), so there will be immense pressure on them to complete the classes and revise the same for the exams.

  67. Srinivas says:

    No postponement please. November exams can be conducted in December for one time.Cancellation will sabotage all our hard work.

  68. Ryan says:

    Are you not reading news. Even CBSE has declared time table for thw left over exams. Its a pandemic and ICAI has taken care of wellbeing of students. That’s why the exams were postponed twice. Unnecessary shift will only increase the burden on students as well as ICAI. PLEASE , work for well being of people and get into unnecessary appeals which on your own. Everyone understands what they are doing and has their own assessment strategies.

  69. Juvraj Gupta says:

    I dont agree with appeal. Irrespective of the situation, all the students and parents worried about the infection and ready to postpone their own attempt always have an option to give their exams in November 2020 or whenever they feel like. How does institute merging the exams until actual events unfolds would not be a good decision.

    This appeal is just an attempt to write both groups who initially chose for one group. Finding an opportunity in disguise hiding behind Covid-19.

    I really dont understand the idea behind this letter. Everyone always have an option to apply for the next attempt or any later attempt they are comfortable with.

  70. CA Ramesh Rao says:

    It is too early to take the decision merger of May 20 and Nov 20 Exam. Still 2 months gap . At end of June Institute may take appropriate decision based on situation in the country

  71. Akshay says:

    I understand all the points mentioned. Although this will be unfair for November Inter Ca students. As they have been studying since jan-feb2020 and this may students are studying from jun-july 2019. If difficulty of paper is same for both the students then it will be very unfair for November students as they got less time to prepare than from may students.

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