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Govt notifies securities in which Trust Money can be invested

S.O. 1267(E) (21/04/2017)

Central Government hereby specifies the following securities for the purposes of the section 20 of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 (a) Government securities; (b) securities, the principal whereof and the interest whereon is fully and unconditionally guaranteed by the Central Government or any State Government;...

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PF members allowed to withdraw for housing needs

No. WSU/39(1)2017/Housing Scheme (21/04/2017)

Give wide publicity to the above notification amongst employers and members of Provident Fund through media, e-mails, seminars, workshops etc. Awareness about the new provision should be created, especially through employers' associations and workers' unions so that eligible and willing members can avail withdrawal and loan repayment faci...

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Guidelines on Charging of Service Charges by Hotels / Restaurants

No. J- 24/9/2014-CPU(pt.) (21/04/2017)

A component of service is inherent in provision of food and beverages ordered by a customer. Pricing of the product therefore is expected to cover both the goods and service components....

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