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Anti-dumping duty on imports of Sodium Hydroxide, originating in or exported from, Korea ROK and the People’s Republic of China

Notification No. 137/2008-Customs (26/12/2008)

discontinuation of anti-dumping duties on the subject goods from subject countries likely to continue from the Peoples Republic of China and likely to recur from Korea ROK leading to the recurrence of injury to the domestic industry...

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Approval of four more Auditing Standards – ICAI

The Revised Standard on Auditing (SA) 540, 'Auditing Accounting Estimates, Including Fair Value Accounting Estimates, and Related Disclosures' provides timely guidance on audit of fair value and accounting estimates in the current times of market uncertainty and liquidity crunch. Accounting estimate is an approximation of a monetary amoun...

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ICAI's constitutes committee on public finance

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has constituted a committee on Public Finance with the objective of extending a helping hand to the Centre, state and local administrative departments in nation building, an official of ICAI said on Monday. ICAI Programme Director V C James told reporters here, the committee's key objective ...

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E-returns – Income Tax dept discovers Rs 1,700 cr gap

During a verification of electronic returns, the department found that as many as 1,714 taxpayers under the self-assessment scheme (where tax-payers determine their tax liability and pay accordingly) had not paid their tax dues. In a few cases, the amount due was around Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion)....

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New Procedure for payment of fees and taxes by unregistered dealers

Trade Circular 42-T of 2008 (26/12/2008)

A new procedure has been prescribed for the payment of taxes, fees and returns by the dealers or employers seeking registration or not registered or not required to registered under MVAT Act vide Trade Circular 42-T of 2008 dated 26th December 2008....

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