A new procedure has been prescribed for the payment of taxes, fees and returns by the dealers or employers seeking registration or not registered or not required to registered under MVAT Act vide Trade Circular 42-T of 2008 dated 26th December 2008.

The main features of the new procedure are –

* The new procedure will be applicable w.e.f. 1st January, 2009.

* The payment to be done by D.D. to be submitted to concerned Department along with the duly filled chalan form and return, if applicable.
* The D.D. should be drawn on Bank of Maharashtra A/C MVAT, payable at Mumbai for Mumbai location.
* For rest of Maharashtra, the D.D. should be drawn on S.B.I. A/c MVAT payable at respective location.
* The fees of Rs.25/- for registration under CST is to be paid by affixing court fee stamps to the application.
* The fees of Rs.500/- for registation under MVAT by non voluntary dealers can be paid either by way of D.D. or by affixing court fee stamps to the application.
The procedure for payment of tax, fee, interest, tds etc. or submitting returns by the registered dealers will be continued to be same as earlier i.e. by depositing chalan or returns through government trasuries.


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